Where to Buy Cheap Law School Books

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I have not received such customer service throughout my studies by purchasing books – Bachelor, MBA or Law! Surely you know Amazon`s excellent selection of books, but don`t miss the marketplace that offers some of the best prices on used books and eBooks. I have never bought books according to 1L, but I have only used library and interlibrary loan. Nearly a million titles in stock and its own Facebook application to facilitate the sale. In addition, school supplies are sold at low prices. But gone are the days when students could only go to the school bookstore and perhaps one or two used off-campus bookstores to pick up all the necessary supplies. Popular textbook search and comparison engine. You can also try their eBook comparison engine at ebooks.adall.com. At some point, the happy day of graduation will come and with it a question of where to sell law textbooks that you no longer need. Booksrun can take care of that too! If you sell us your used book, you will get back some of the original price and give current students the opportunity to get their learning materials cheaper. It might be just as difficult to get these law textbooks, constitutions, statutes, etc. because the prices are high. The solution is to buy second-hand law books: it`s much cheaper and more durable.

Browse our collection of books for sale or rent, you will surely find what you need for your studies. The internet has created a virtual playground for shoppers, and here are 28 places you can save money on law books — and note that many are buying back books as well (so you might be able to make money back in the future!): Partnering with select schools to deliver what it says is the largest inventory of new and used textbooks in America. Buy textbooks at 90% off with free shipping. Also buy your textbooks cheaply. Award-winning website where you can buy new and used books up to 95% off, with a „Bill me later“ option for 90 days without payment. Anyone enrolled in law school knows that you have to be armed to the teeth with law textbooks to get through all the courses, pass the final and become an excellent specialist. Where can you find all these books? You`re already where you need to be – that`s where you can buy, rent and sell all sorts of manuals, including those for your track. Buy and sell used law books; Offers excellent buy-back prices. I buy most of my books from students who have already taken the course.

Since I`m good at making friends, I`ve bought tons of books for cheap, like $5 – $10 per book sometimes. However, some of my classes require new expenses, and I`m screwed for that. I usually don`t spend more than $300 on all my books per semester, and that`s because I didn`t know all the places in the first semester. Buy according to your class schedule and save 25% on used books with Barnes & Noble College book rentals. Law books are undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses for students, and it doesn`t help that textbook prices nearly tripled between 1986 and 2004, according to the Government Accounting Office (PDF). Unfortunately, reselling them for a few cents is perhaps even more depressing than buying them at all. And here are two final tips before looking for legal books online: make sure you have the right ISBN numbers for the editions of the books you need; and buy early for the best prices and books in the best conditions. After my last week, I recommend Allbookstores.com.

The MSRP for my books that semester was about $800, I got mine for less than a hundred. Google around, that`s what I did. Search for the ISBN and explore the capital market 😉 Google has a shopping feature that allows you to compare different website offers. I compare that to Half/Amazon. This year from my bookstore, would be $1100, but spent $350 🙂 Many alumni sell their law books directly on eBay and its companion site Half.com. Brings together more than 5,500 independent booksellers for a selection of more than 100 million books. A subsidiary of Amazon.com with books that receive up to 90% discount on the list price. Compare law book prices and save up to 95% on textbooks and e-books. If you`re looking for legal books online, you`ve come to the right place. Our wide selection is full of used law books, law books and law student books at unbeatable prices.

Our Legal Studies and Revision Guides category is for students and individuals interested in learning. We also have specific jurisdiction categories and a section for international law. Buy books online while supporting local and independent bookstores. EDIT: For cheap learning aids, try your legal library for commercial books (E&E, Q&A, etc.) and horn books. Horn books are great if you just can`t understand a particular topic in a class – not really meant to be read throughout. If not, search for study aids online and get an older edition (but be careful and be careful, laws/judgments/legal rules may change regularly and an older edition may not reflect these changes). Westlaw also gives away 1L contour trays for free and you get two days (just once) for free access to the full contour. Save up to 30% on new textbooks and 90% on used textbooks with free shipping on textbook orders of $25 or more. Also, don`t forget the resource closest to you: older law students! I buy books from my friends whenever possible, and they usually give me a good price and save on shipping costs. 🙂 Campusbookrentals.comn – usually the cheapest option; You do not have to pay for the return shipping costs. 125 days is enough for one semester.

Browse our books for the curious about legal systems around the world. For those who want to pursue a career in the industry, find LSAT books for beginners or get this college law book to help you pass your exams. Cheap law books are ideal for refreshing old and new terms with a legal dictionary or for immersing yourself in famous cases from years past. Buy used law books to save money, gain knowledge and recycle. Where are there places where you can buy cheap textbooks? This year, some of the professors are using the new expenses, which cost $200+ to the bookstore. Thank you very much. I just wanted to let you know that I think your site is fabulous and the customer service was really helpful. It`s great to do business with you! Free shipping on orders over $25 and „Millionaire`s Club“ for 10% off purchases. The service, both in terms of order fulfillment efficiency and customer service, is by far one of the best I`ve ever experienced online. Thank you very much! I received my right today in a Flash Trusts and Estates.

Your business was fantastic! Free shipping in the United States; Distribution helps fund literacy projects in America and around the world. Probably the most popular textbook price comparison engine. I had a problem with shipping, and your agents took care of it quickly and efficiently. My semester is better because of you! I used to do that too, but this year all the teachers are using the new issues and the library has not yet received its copies.