University of Southern California Application Requirements

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Applicants who wish to be considered for needs-based financial support must submit their FAFSA* and CSS profile applications by the deadline. * Undocumented or DACA students must file their 2020 tax return and a third-party letter confirming undocumented status instead of FAFSA. What percentage of the class is admitted as an Early Action (EA)? We assume that about 20-25% of the class will be admitted early. Candidates who are not admitted in January may defer their application to the regular round of decision-making. Find answers to your questions about how our optional testing policy will impact your app. We pay close attention to your personal story, background and circumstances, recognizing that each student is unique and has something to offer. Your application will paint a picture of you and how you can contribute to the community, tradition, and spirit that makes USC the vibrant place it is. Homeschoolers must also submit responses to questions about homeschooling in the Common Implementation Report on Secondary Education. Be sure to include information about your homeschooling philosophy, your program choices, and the textbooks used. While the application process for the 2023-2024 school year is an optional test, we still find it helpful to have homeschooled students` work graded or reviewed outside.

Therefore, if possible, we recommend submitting SAT/ACT scores, SAT exam results, AP exam results, or transcripts from college courses or other accredited online school programs. Our USC Preparation Booklet walks you through the college application and admission process. Emerging Trojans that need a boost in their USC app should take advantage of our special tutoring tips for the Los Angeles area in their test preparation. Learn more about the application and admission process, transfer guidelines, and dates and deadlines. Use our online tools to navigate your transfer to USC. Keep fighting! USC has various majors and programs (including architecture, art, business, and music) that require additional application components. Program-specific information can be found here. USC offers merit scholarships, most of which you apply by submitting a full USC application by December 1.

A full list of scholarships with additional application elements can be found on this page. Students who want more time to complete their application, or those who want their documents included for the fall semester of their final year as part of their application, can wait until the Regular Decision Deadline (RD). Students applying for these majors must submit their application documents by December 1 to be considered for admission and USC Excellence Scholarships. For more information, see deadlines for regular decisions. If you are applying for a major at one of the schools listed below, it is your responsibility to complete your application within the appropriate timeframe. Unless otherwise stated, all deadlines are the same as on the Dates and Deadlines page. Make sure you receive any additional forms you need and meet all ministry requirements. • Application confirmations: Affirmations are available on the portal after receiving your application. Your digital signature can be submitted after the application deadline. Students who wish to apply under USC`s Early Action (EA) plan must submit their application documents earlier in the process, but will receive an admission decision (or deferral of the regular decision) sooner than applicants with the regular decision. Will Early Action Round (EA) students receive rejection letters? No, no one will receive a rejection letter in January.

Students who are not admitted earlier will have the option to defer their request for review as part of the regular adjudication round. We expect that 75-80% of the regular decision of the group will be allowed. Visit our Financial Aid page for more information. To check the status of your grant application, visit the FAST page of your applicant portal. Preparation of the USC brochure Our USC preparation booklet helps you ensure that you closely follow a college preparation path throughout middle and high school and introduces you to the university application and admission process. If the filing fee represents a financial burden, you can request a fee waiver in the Profile section of the joint application. We also look for your potential to make a difference: the willingness to go beyond, dive deep into the text, explore ideas and become a lifelong learner. On this page, you will find the application checklist, dates and deadlines as well as additional requirements by main topic. Dive in. USC accepts second-year and junior transfer students. Applicants are judged primarily on their academic performance in terms of good progress towards the desired degree.

In addition to maintaining good grades, transfer students must take certain college-level writing and math courses, make steady progress toward meeting USC`s core requirements, including foreign language and general education requirements, and the lower division courses required for the major. Please visit „Let your voice shine through your application and don`t be afraid to share your strengths, passions and experiences in your own way. Simply put, your application should reflect the unique and interesting person you are! Deadline for applications for priority grants: 2. March 2023 Applicants who wish to be considered for needs-based financial support must submit FAFSA* and CSS profile applications by this date. Other scholarships offered by USC affiliates are available but require a separate application. Visit our scholarship page for more information. USC also offers a strong needs-based financial aid program. For more information, visit the USC Financial Aid website. Going to university is more important than ever. This information will help you learn more about the college application process and the courses you should attend in middle and high school to prepare. We encourage you to share this with your family so they can help you achieve your goal. Keep in mind that admission and financial aid requirements may change from year to year, so stay in close contact with your school counselor for the latest advice and information about the college.

To help you meet the basic admission requirements of many colleges and universities, you must take at least four college preparation courses each year of high school. Extensions to application deadlines will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students who are unable to meet published deadlines may contact an admissions advisor to be considered for an extension. USC`s Regular Decision (RD) schedule follows a more traditional schedule: If you submit your application before Dec. 1 or Jan. 15, depending on your major, you`ll get a decision before April 1. You don`t have to be rich to attend a private university. Students eligible for needs-based financial assistance may find the actual cost of a private institution comparable to or less than that of a public institution. In fact, about two-thirds of our students receive financial aid. And we enroll 4,400 low-income students (as defined by Pell grant eligibility) – more than most other highly selective private universities.

To apply for need-based financial aid, undocumented or DACA students must submit the following documents: Ultimately, we are looking for students who will become enthusiastic partners in learning and research. International students interested in demonstrating additional English proficiency should visit our Additional Requirements page for more information. *The following programs do not participate in Early Action. Your essay and short answers will help us get to know your personality and voice.