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The legal services plan negotiated in the 2015 and 2019 UAW contracts is markedly different from those that ended under the 2011 contracts. While the new Legal Services Plan does not provide litigation services, it does provide „office services“ (advice and document preparation) for a range of legal matters. Here are some things you may find helpful in your new legal advice plan: „I`m 76 years old and sick and I can`t go to a cooperating lawyer. I am a member of UAW Pensioners Local 870 and they were very helpful in contacting and arranging the lawyer who came to my residence to prepare my will. I think legal services are one of the most valuable benefits for UAW members, especially in today`s society. Even if a case is not covered by the assistance of a staff lawyer, you may qualify for a low-cost referral to a private lawyer. Their legal services plan has contracted hundreds of private lawyers to represent eligible UAW members at a discounted price. This can come in handy if you have any of the following legal issues: adoption, a disputed family matter, guardianship, debt collection case, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, and others. When viewing an ad, consider the government advertising restrictions that lawyers and law firms must comply with, as well as our legal directory disclaimer

Some lawyers publish comparative information about the services they offer, which may be subject to specific comparative disclosure restrictions. „I find secretaries and lawyers very polite and very easy to understand. I very rarely waited long, because I understand that I am not the only person who wants to talk to them. They explain everything in simple language and if there is something I do not understand, they will explain it again. They follow the problem until the last moment. I am very pleased with all the service they have rendered us. I congratulate them on their good work. We continue to think of our members and their families during this very difficult time.

However, the plan can still serve you by phone and email to discuss your legal issues with a covered office work benefit or a low-cost recommendation. The UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan (the „Plan“) is a program established and operated solely for the purpose of providing Eligible Participants with personal legal services for legal matters arising under the laws of the United States or Canada. The Legal Services Plan is a Taft-Hartley plan created for the purpose of providing „office legal work“ (no litigation) and funds transfer services to certain eligible UAW members. It opened its doors on January 25, 2017. Call (800) 482-7700 to request legal services. You can still open legal cases through the UAW-FCA-Ford-General Motors Legal Services Plan Case Intake Division using the procedure below. What if my legal issue is not a covered office matter? In 2013, two researchers at the London School of Economics decided to follow their instincts and prove that U.S. union members who pay dues give more than the average unrepresented U.S. worker. Using data from a Learn more. It`s always a good idea to research your lawyer before hiring them. Each state has a disciplinary organization that oversees attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints.

By researching the legal discipline, you can: 217 Southway Boulevard EastSuite 201 Kokomo, IN 46902 You can still open legal advice files during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact the Legal Services Plan at (800) 482-7700. Eligibility is verified and coverage is explained. Please note that the plan emphasizes communication by phone and email. Our legal and support staff is represented by AFSCME and OPEIU. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the rating We will continue to provide updates to keep our members informed. Since our inception, we have opened more than 200,000 files. Please let us know how you feel working with this law firm. Do not disclose any personal information or details about your case.

All opinions submitted will be shared with the law firm prior to publication. „Although the lawyer was unable to represent me in court, he provided me with all the necessary information and documents and gave me much appreciated support and explained the process in detail. How would you rate your overall experience with this company? By submitting this form, you agree to receive email communications from FindLaw regarding the management of your notice. To open a file, call 1-800-482-7700 to speak with one of our knowledgeable registration professionals.