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Do not sit idly by with such a big useless and therefore ridiculous gift about him. John Milton, agonist. From there, from this place or from this time. (I came here.) „Atomic formulas and all the compounds that can be constructed from there“ – W.V.Quine; „It follows a natural conclusion“; „public interest and policies arising therefrom“; „Typhus results from it“ surah he took, and from there prevented fame, By quick and painful marches came there. Dryden. The reactors continue to emit radiation into groundwater and from there to the Pacific Ocean, when TEPCO finally shuts down groundwater, it will be the end of the beginning. Often, in surveyors` or pilots` property descriptions in relation to IFR, established flight procedures are used, such as cross-attachment at 6000 feet, descent from there to 3000 feet, and direct flight to the MAP (missed approach point). „From there,“ Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 2 December 2022. „the eggs were fresh and therefore satisfactory“; „We were young and therefore optimistic“; „It`s late and that`s why we have to go“; „The witness is biased and therefore cannot be trusted“ „went straight to the university from there“; „flew to Helsinki and from there to Moscow“; „Paths that flow from it“ fasting by the Oracle of God; I ask for your help.

John Milton. He plants his eyes, all need to clean and scatter from there. John Milton. A boy`s imagination is sound, and a man`s mature imagination is sound, but there is a habitat in between where the soul is in turmoil, character is indecisive, lifestyle uncertain, ambition is at high sight, from which clumsiness progresses. An action will be just only if the will is right, for that is where the action is derived from. Again, the will will not be just if the disposition of the mind is not right, because that is where the will comes from. I go to Spain to fight an army without a general, and from there to the east to fight a general without an army. There will be no more children of days. Isa. lxv. From there; of him, whose daughter announced her tears that he was separating from her; We crossed.

William Shakespeare. For God`s sake, practice small things and move from there to bigger things. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. In the measurement and description of the terrain by speeds and distances, this word, which precedes each given course, means that the next rate is continuous with the flag v in front of it. Maurer, 141 Mass. 06, 0 N. E. 702.

Etymology: according to John Minsheus contracted from there. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from this fact or reason, or consequently, adv. of this time or place: for this reason. — Advs. Therefore, forward or forward; From there or further. [M. E. thenne-s, thenne (cf. then), with the ending gen. -s – A.S. ðanan. Cf.

therefore and when.] Middle English thannes, from thanne of this place, from Old English thanon; similar to the Old High German thanan of this place, the Old English Thænne then at the entrance 1.