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My husband and I worked with Gellar Law Group on all of our estate planning documents (wills, trusts, medical directives, etc.). We are very pleased to have found this legal group to work with. The whole team was very professional and responsive throughout the process. My husband and I kept postponing this process, but when we started working with Gellar Law Group, they made everything easy to understand and we felt fully supported in working on the various documents. We recommend Gellar Law Group! The death of a loved one is never an easy situation, and managing their estate can be an added stress. All assets and assets remaining in the deceased`s estate must be distributed to the beneficiaries, either by granting an estate (if the deceased left a will) or by administration (if the deceased did not leave a will). Estate planning is important, but it doesn`t have to be difficult. We pride ourselves on breaking down legal language so that our clients can rest assured that their wishes are being respected. At Star Legal, our experienced estate and estate administration team can guide you sensitively and efficiently through the administration of an estate, including: „My goal is to guide clients through the process to ensure not only that their estate plan best meets their individual needs, but also that they understand and know the entire process and the finished legal documents.“ The firm also performs extensive legal work for its large private clients (transfer of ownership, trusts and estates, marriage) and litigation related to private fiduciary and probate matters. He is also able to advise on the criminal and regulatory liability of individuals and businesses, with particular experience in complex and serious crimes and regulatory matters.

We also offer estate and trust administration services and are assisted by paralegals and paralegals. Our team brings decades of experience and understands what customers are going through during this stressful time. Sharon and Jackie respond very helpful and prompt – I trust Sharon`s advice on legal matters. We assist clients who act as personal representatives of the estate in all aspects of administration and guide our clients through the estate hearing, court cases and subsequent deadlines. We work closely with accountants and financial advisors on all matters relating to estate tax, as well as brokers when real estate is to be sold, and can assist out-of-state executors with complementary estates on local real estate. In Virginia, we guide executors and administrators in preparing the estate inventory and in filing successive accounts with the auditor. Women widows in the early 80s need help organizing their husband`s estate. The husband died in March 2018 with a will. The client was able to obtain property tax exemptions and had no problems, and until recently she did not know that she needed to verify the will.

The deceased also left behind a truck whose ownership the client wishes to transfer. There is no debt for the estate of the deceased. The client wants to close her husband`s case to ensure clear title to the property for her children. We support clients acting as trustees of a trust by providing legal advice throughout the administrative process. We work closely with auditors on tax matters, financial advisors on investment strategies and dealers when real estate is to be sold. A power of attorney gives an agent the opportunity to help you with legal and financial matters during your lifetime. During the negotiation, the agent owes you a duty to make decisions that are in your best interest. Authority can be transferred immediately to the officer, which is often the case with spouses or partners, or powers can be triggered by a specific event – such as incapacity. A simple power of attorney and advance medical directive can give a student the opportunity to involve their parents in finances or certain medical situations while closing the gap to independence. The parents of a newborn would have a legal guardian clearly identified in wills.

Trusts are one of the most versatile legal documents and can cater to desires from beyond the grave, including planning for minor beneficiaries, tax-saving regulations, and assistance to mixed families to protect each other`s interests. Types of work performed: The firm is particularly active in the following areas: business, consumer, business, dispute resolution, elderly and infirm clientele, employment, family, bodily injury, property and wills, estate and trusts, and crime. After having our first child, my wife and I searched for wills/trusts for emergencies, but we didn`t know where to start. Geller Law Group was extremely helpful in guiding us through the documents that made the most sense to us for this period of our lives. Our growing licensing practice extends to Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Recently, we ranked among the best probate lawyers in Alexandria. While each jurisdiction in which we operate has its own rules and guidelines, our lawyers are able to navigate the different processes. We understand that managing the estate of a family member or friend can be emotionally draining, and our team is here to reduce our client`s administrative burden.

Star Legal offers a wide range of corporate and personal legal services provided by its experienced lawyers. The company was founded in 2011 and today has fifteen offices in the South West and Wales. Clients include local customers in South West and Wales, UK domestic customers and international customers. When planning your assets after your death or inability to work, an important question is: „What will happen to your business?“ Our lawyers can help you ensure that the necessary designations are in place for a smooth transition if you are no longer able to operate your business. This may mean appointing someone to handle day-to-day operations or determining where and to whom your interest in the business will be paid. If estate avoidance is a consideration, the right allocations can be made as part of your business documents to ensure this is achieved. Our lawyers will work with you to create new documents or update your existing documents to ensure your business is served as part of your estate plan. Making a will – a legal will – is one of the smartest legal steps you can take. Legal wills allow you to determine how your assets will be distributed after your death. Making a will is usually a simple matter and should be overseen by a Texas attorney.

Be wary of a free living will or free will forms, as these are „standard documents“ that may not meet your specific needs. Legal wills are important documents and a simple omission can cost your heirs dearly. When drafting a will, you should consult a lawyer, as legal wills are only one part of a basic estate plan. A trust is a versatile tool for an estate plan that offers more flexibility than a simple will and offers considerable freedom from administrative burden and privacy protection from judicial oversight. A trust is crucial in a number of situations that often occur when planning minor or young beneficiaries where assets are managed by a trustee (chosen by the client) for the benefit of that beneficiary until they reach a certain age (i.e., 25 years) or a certain event occurs (for example, a college diploma). There are also residential trusts, matrimonial trusts, special needs trusts, and trusts used for asset protection and tax planning. -Declaration of guardianship between living persons (during his lifetime) or testamentary (contained in a will). Star Legal provides a valuable service to Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Gilwern, Govilon and surrounding areas and supports the local residents` handbook. Without their support, the manual and this website could not exist. If you are an heir and/or beneficiary of an estate and need help understanding the process, we can ensure that your interests are adequately protected.

Every estate is unique and you need a lawyer who is compassionate, organized and dedicated to meeting your needs during a very difficult and overwhelming time. Single women with disabilities in the mid-50s need help verifying their mother`s estate, especially rewriting a check. The deceased died intestate with a house that is paid for. The deceased was a widower at the time of his death. The deceased had 13, including the client; Seven of them died before her. To the client`s knowledge, the deceased had no debt in the event of death. Single women in the late 30s need help reviewing their mother`s estate, especially rewriting a check. The mother died intestate and left behind her husband, whom she married in 1997, and her four children.