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Our customers receive concrete and immediate answers CISCo Event at GSW 2021 – October 4 – THE FIRST ITALIAN GUIDE ON THE SAFETY OF GOODS IN THE INTERMODAL TRANSPORT UNIT (ICU): THE CTU CODE A passion for law in its different sectors and in particular the corporate company, contracts and an international vision have made Romoli Law Firm a necessary assistant for all those companies looking for growth opportunities and develop their activities in national countries and in international markets. As part of Genoa Shipping Week, a Cisco meeting on cargo safety in the intermodal transport unit and CTU code will take place on October 4. The topic of the debate will be the absolute overview of the Italian version of the ICU Code (CTU […] MR InternationalLawyers, has a strong international focus. This is due to a double number of reasons: the firm is indeed active in foreign customer support, and the core of its activity is the legal problems related to transport and the resulting economic operations, which by nature are characterized by internationality. Therefore, it is customary for cabinet members to provide judicial and extrajudicial services on topics that represent moments of connection with multiple states and jurisdictions. This does not exhaust the firm`s activity, but it has strong roots in Italy, where legal services are mainly provided. This activity is very broad and is developing in civil and commercial matters. Those who turn to the firm can therefore count on highly specialized and „punctual“ support. In addition, it is an indispensable qualification point for the members of the firm in order to create a climate of mutual trust with clients. Studio Legale Mordiglia, Via XX Settembre 14/17, 16121 Genoa Port & Shipping Tech Conference – Genova 6-8 October 2021 Cristian Smith focuses on business, family, estate and civil law. The bulk of Wade`s practice is helping small and medium-sized businesses create plans for future growth. Cristian has worked in business and real estate for over ten years. His experience in business and real estate helps him seize opportunities to help clients achieve their goals through strategy, perseverance and advanced planning.

Continuous training, updating, innovation, attention to detail and absolute availability for the customer are the key to an ever better result. → Certificate: – Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law (Status: Excellent) – Certificate in Business and Commercial Law (Status: Great) MR InternationalLawyers places a strong emphasis on international practice because of its name. There are two reasons for this: because the firm provides support not only to Italian clients but also to foreign clients; In addition, the core of the business is based on transport, which is international in itself. As a result, the firm often represents the Italian, European and international aspects of disputes with multiple jurisdictions and advises on a number of non-contentious cross-border issues. In addition, MR InternationalLawyers has another important feature: it works for primary insurers and brokers who cover transportation and general transportation risks. Despite the cross-border appeal and the aforementioned areas of expertise, the firm has stable roots in the city (Genoa) where it is based and in the country (Italy) where the firm provides defence, assistance, advice and arbitration services in a wide range of civil and commercial matters. The firm`s lawyers are committed not only to providing the highest quality and „punctual“ legal assistance in order to best meet the requirements and deadlines of clients, but also to try to build a friendly and trusting relationship with them. In addition, thanks to the presence of various professionals working in their specific areas of expertise, the firm provides judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance in the field of civil, criminal, family, administrative and judicial law to individuals, offering them comprehensive and coordinated support, also from a multidisciplinary perspective.