Medicina Legal En La Criminalistica

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It is the field of forensics and forensics that studies every change in health and all the other damage that leaves a material trace on the human body. The change in anatomical structure may or may not affect the function of an organ or tissue due to external or internal influences that may cause injury within a certain time and space. In addition, these forensic experts are licensed doctors in pathology who have knowledge of analysis: in each of the aspects of medicine, it must be carried out according to ethical principles of action for one of the areas of the relationship in society or its peculiarity arising from the doctor-patient relationship. The forensic experts belonging to the PJ GROUP are experts in the field that exists in relation to the medical discipline with the legal system. To this end, all features and details that may give indications of medico-legal or legal problems are noted. These specialists apply specific procedures and methods of the specialty of forensic and forensic medicine, as well as the professional skills acquired as researchers, to analyze, identify and solve medico-legal problems raised by the respective estates. Forensics and forensics are essential for those who want to solve a criminal problem involving law enforcement and administration of justice agencies, which in most cases lack technical knowledge. Forensic medicine was the bridge between the life sciences and law. In both cases, he has built a brotherhood from which comes the forensics itself, from which depend not only the methods and techniques put into practice, but also the intellectual and moral qualities of the expert. Forensics has been wrongly derived from thanatology and necropsy performance, on the contrary, it provides in-depth knowledge to solve medical problems raised by the law. Forensic and forensic pathology requires related medical, legal, administrative, ethical and scientific knowledge, as well as working with bibliographic and scientific bases to support your criminal investigation for legal advice. As a medical expert, a relevant figure in this field. Forensic psychiatry includes psychiatric forensic terms and is defined as the application of clinical psychiatry to law (criminal, civil, labor, canonical).

Forensics, also known as forensics, is the branch of medicine that applies all the medical and biological knowledge necessary to solve the problems posed by the law in the investigation of death. From a medico-legal point of view, two types of substances can be distinguished: I invite you to read this article A medico-legal or medico-legal autopsy is the examination of the corpse to determine if there are any anatomical changes or injuries that could help clarify the cause of death in a court case for which it is necessary to disclose the reason for the death and whether the death was due to a crime.