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Organizing background music for your own videos is always tricky for producers. What are the legal, cheap or even free options, I explained in a previous blog post. So you are legally on the safe side. I have also prepared an infographic on this subject. Hello, we are not quite sure what your question regarding Austria/Germany is aimed at. But anyway, you certainly can`t just download a video with Avici music, as that would violate copyright, and it can be expensive – see point 2 above in the text! Regards, Heiko If I can download the video, it does not mean that everything is done and I can just use the music freely. I asked the collecting society SUISA, which is responsible for music rights in Switzerland. Just because there are many Let`s Play videos out there doesn`t automatically mean they`re all legal. Sometimes there is something in the terms of the games license. Otherwise: get permission to register images of a PC game from its manufacturer. Then you are definitely on the side of legal certainty. Whether you get permission, we can`t oracle – each provider decides for itself. Hello, I have received copyright notices regarding my videos on youtube regarding music.

Should I delete them now or can I wait and see what happens next? Will videos only be blocked or muted or should I expect worse consequences? Thank you and best regards Hello Sarah, to the block with the first questions (playlist): is not easy and unambiguous to answer, because the courts have not yet rendered a verdict. However, compiling and publishing a YouTube playlist of videos is likely legal as long as the videos included in the playlist are not manifestly illegal. In particular, material that has not yet been published on YouTube, for example leaked music albums, current cinema films or recordings of private concerts (e.g. with smartphone cameras), is likely to be „manifestly illegal“. To the question of subtitles: This is only possible anyway in consultation with the authors or with their permission, whether you ask for money or not – even a free publication from you with subtitles would require permission. And if you ask for money, even more. If you upload copyrighted music to YouTube without the author`s permission, the rights holder decides whether to keep the video online, advertise it, or delete it. Illegal downloading also means a violation of YouTube`s terms of service – if the case is repeated, your user account can be permanently blocked by YouTube. I think we should proceed with a little caution on this issue. Perhaps we could also be warned for streaming.

But if it`s the same for Youtube, I`m not sure. As far as I know, whoever downloads the video is to blame in the end. I also heard that Youtube asks you to delete the video. If it is not deleted within a certain period of time, Youtube deletes it itself. In this article, the situation of this topic is again presented legally. Hey, can someone tell me if you can upload cut videos from Youtube videos to YouTube? For example, if I edited a movie from several youtube videos with IMovie and then I want to upload it back to youtube. How do those who download remixes, for example, do that? Do I have to write something specific, like I don`t own the rights and so on? It would be nice to have an answer! The logical consequence of this is that someone who wants to upload music to YouTube is simply using royalty-free music. It comes from the pen of artists who are not members of GEMA. Thus, the company cannot charge any license fee, as there are no licenses. As beautiful as it sounds, royalty-free music is not available for free.

Since artists are also at work here, they naturally want remuneration for this. Most coins cost at least $100 in the basic license, i.e. only for use for YouTube. I would like to use videos, also with reference, or a link to the manufacturer, but not with embedded code. How does a media outlet, for example, do that? Here you can often see the note Source: YouTube-Is it enough? Hey Jen, on question 1: The problem should not arise for integration („framing“), because you do not need consent here. You are not interfering with copyright by mere embedding. Here applies: either it is OBVIOUSLY illegal and therefore clearly recognizable, or it is not. If it is not manifestly illegal, there is no copyright infringement in the room. Question 2: If you present your knowledge in your own words, you are the author. So of course, you can also spread it. For example, it is illegal to disseminate 1:1 knowledge in the form of textbooks from a textbook and present the work of others as one`s own. Sources within the meaning of the Copyright Act (§ 63 UrhG) would be required, e.g.

in the case of quotations. In this regard, the author must also be named. Question 3: As soon as you discuss the content of a book, it may be permissible to show the cover. But it doesn`t have to be a foreign image of the cover! Whether the criticism is positive or negative does not matter. As a precautionary measure, the book reviewer should also briefly discuss the cover itself and not just the content of the book. In addition, when presenting the cover, the source must be mentioned, i.e. the best author, title and publisher. The deciding factor is who made the film or who owns the rights.

The person then owns the copyright to the piece and can exploit it in any form. Uploading to YouTube is also a form of exploitation. If you`re not entirely sure this applies to you, you`d better leave it. And in practice, this usually means: no TV recordings, no movies or parts of movies sucked in somewhere, etc. – basically, you are only allowed to download what you have filmed yourself. Hello, I would like to do the following: I have a blog and I would like to link a small series excerpt that I found on youtube. So I don`t want to upload the video and upload it back to my blog, but only link to it. Is it legal? Thank you Hello, from my video, which I shot myself, only one image section was taken for an online newspaper with a simple reference to the source „(Photo: youtube)“, there was no direct link to my video, is this allowed? MfG Hi Rondarius, unfortunately we can`t tell you anything about this – but certainly YouTube itself. Here you can find a toll-free phone number: Regards! Hauke I would be interested if it is illegal to download and possess music on websites such as Mp3Juice. I realize that if I played them as a DJ without paying Gema, it would be illegal. But what about private property? Among other things, the question arises as to whether it would be illegal with these music mixtapes on Soundcloud youtube etc.

Download? Hello, with children, of course, parents must agree in any case. Depending on this, the child`s consent may also be required at the appropriate age and ability to understand. If in doubt, you should ask parents and children to give you a written declaration of consent. Or simply not interview/portray/upload them.