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He pulls out a pair of tied mittens and says they can wear them in winter. She asks him if he knitted them, they are ugly and complain about the paint and that he could have bought them in the store. lol He tells her to stop criticizing a man`s efforts and shows her how to wear them. A glove for each of them, and they should hold hands. Then she raises her bare hand and asks, what about that hand? LOL My first thought! He says it`s romantic and she knows nothing about romance and asks if he could just take a romantic ride. She laughs and says yes, he can do it. He jokingly asks her if she`s touched enough to want to cry. She says, why should she cry – because he gave her the mittens or because she lost her student card? He says he can help her find her card, but there is a condition. If he finds the menu, they will have lunch together for a month. She says she can`t do it for a month because she is busy and sometimes hangs out with Liu Shi Yun and Mo Zi Xin.

He replies that if a month is too long, well, the alternative is for her to kiss him or admit that he is her boyfriend. She now gladly agrees to have lunch together for a month. lol Then he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out his student card. He remembered that she liked to use her card as a bookmark, so he went to the library to get her lending history and go through all the books on the list until he found the card. This boy is careful! But during an accident that caused a coma, Qian Wei dreamed of her 19th birthday and realized that Lu Xun`s attitude towards her could be another kind of care. Jin Ze 金泽 饰 as Li Chong Wen 李崇文Zhong Li Li Li Title: Legally Romance (才不要和老板谈恋爱) Cai Bu Yao He Lao Ban Tan Lian AiEpisodes: 33Release date: March 10, 20222Film location: QingdaoSummary: The Chinese drama is based on the novel of the same name by Ye Feiran. He was followed by Qian Wei, who returned on his 18th birthday at the age of 28 due to a career ban. Qian Wei meets his boss, Lu Xun, from work to campus, then returns to work.

It`s a story of growth as both pursue both careers and love. Qian Wei is a 28-year-old paralegal whose boss, Lu Xun, was her classmate. Song Zu Er 宋祖儿 as Qian Wei 钱唯She is a small assistant who relies only on her mouth to get the job done. To the world, Lu Xun is a savior, but to Qian Wei, he is a fateful and powerful villain. He also says that he remembered that she had complained that her picture was ugly, so he went to have her card replaced too. Then he puts their card next to his and they look at each other. The cards are now a couple photo – this is one of the student council photos (during their first accidental kiss). So cute!!! And inconvenient. Page profile = useless. lol Qian Wei gets up to bring him something to eat.

Li Chong Wen sees her and almost goes to give her her card, but he sees her bringing the food tray to Lu Xun and giving her a mouthful of food. Li Chong Wen leaves angry. 🙁 In the cafeteria, while having lunch with Liu Shi Yun, someone from the rap club comes to his table with a bouquet of flowers. Lu Xun shows up and is quite irritated with him because he has been waiting outside the debate club for a few days and asks Qian Wei. Qian Wei asks why he is so fierce with the guy because he delivers flowers. The guy raps „Calm down and don`t dissolve me. I`m from the rap club next door. Since Qian Wei became the champion, it has caused chaos on campus. They eventually started paying attention to language clubs and offering all sorts of food allowances. That is why, on behalf of the club, I offer him this bouquet of flowers as a sign of appreciation.

Lu Xun scoffs, but Qian Wei politely accepts the flowers. Lu Xun asks how she can. And the guy drops a glass of vinegar on the table. XD The guy tells her, „It`s not easy to be an escort. First of all, you need to be smart. The guy then leaves and Qian Wei kindly says goodbye, while Lu Xun angrily complains that he will report it to the teacher and he didn`t even know there was a rap club. Qian Wei blames him for being jealous for no reason, as this will have a negative impact on relations between clubs. Heh. He says he is not jealous because she continues to look at the flowers, but then he takes the flowers away from her. XD Uh huh.

Total chi cu. He admits that the guy can rap, but he should have attacked him, why did he do that to him? He says he left nonsense on the table, then takes the jar of vinegar and slams it on the table, causing the lid to come off. Qian Wei laughs. She tells him not to be angry because she doesn`t like this guy. She loves him more. He finally calms down and says he has something for her. No matter how time passes, what remains is the love hidden in our hearts. Now, Qian Wei Li asks Chong Wen if he has power over others and thinks he is cool enough to have bought these shoes. Then she pulls out one and throws it at him and it crashes into the water fountain next to them.

Then she kidnaps the other and throws him at him, screaming that she hates high heels. But she loses her grip and falls into the water fountain when Lu Xun grabs the bag, and only the bag. There is evidence in there! The two boys watch her fall.