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Students will develop an understanding of the impact that legal decisions can have on Australian society and the ways in which the legal system can affect the lives of Australian citizens. A critical understanding of the processes of reform and change will help students contribute to making our society more equitable for all. Legal studies aim to promote intellectual, social and moral development by enabling students to think critically about the role of law and legal institutions in society. It does so by examining selected rules, institutions and legal processes at the national and international levels, demystifying terminology and focusing on change, efficiency, dispute resolution and justice. This course is part of a three-part series that covers key areas of the curriculum for this subject. Other courses include preparation for HSC legal studies (part 1) and preparation for HSC legal studies (part 2). You don`t need to visit all three parts to benefit from it. The series is completed by the HSC Legal Studies Exam Preparation Course (September) to prepare for the end-of-year exams. This course provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the nature and functions of law and legislation, the development of Australian and international legal systems, the Australian Constitution and law reform. Students explore key areas of law, justice, and human rights through a variety of focused studies that examine how changes in societies affect legal reform. Law students develop an understanding of legal concepts and how law works in our society.

Being knowledgeable about legal issues, including rights and obligations that are essential to our society, is part of being an active and informed citizen. In this course, we will explore current issues related to family members, as set out in the New South Wales curriculum, and how to successfully assess the effectiveness of legal and non-legal responses. This course will use a variety of learning activities to accommodate different learning styles. This includes lecture-style presentations, audio-visual materials, discussions on family law issues, sample HSC questions and answers, analysis of previous students` responses, and opportunities for students to ask questions. What worked for former Top/Volume 6 legal studies students was advice on learning course materials and learning techniques. Courses include both group and individual student participation. Pre- and HSC courses focus on how law is created, how it is structured and how it works in Australia and overseas. Students need to ask themselves if laws are effective and if they do justice. **Note** The PDF syllabus is no longer available directly on our website to comply with NESA copyright guidelines. You will be redirected to the NESA website to view the program. You must bring your own device (Windows or Mac) and a power cord. Make sure your device is fully charged as power access is limited.

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Media reports provide context for current knowledge. This course covers Option 3: Family in the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Level 6 Legal Studies programme. Legal studies is a humanities subject that provides students with the critical thinking and communication skills needed to find employment in various fields such as law, journalism, and government. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in the course teaching students to write and giving them skills that they can apply in their other subjects. 2009 Level 6 Law Studies Program Part III: Option 3: Family You will receive electronic copies of: Tip: To turn text into a link, select the text, and then click a page or file from the list above. Please note that the university accepts no responsibility for your lost, stolen or damaged equipment on the university campus.