Legal Paperwork for Godparents

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Being named godmother of a friend`s baby is an honor, but while it may confer religious responsibilities, it does not confer legal rights. A sponsor has no more rights than other members of the general public when it comes to making binding decisions on behalf of the child. If a couple wishes to transfer legal rights and obligations to the child`s godmother, they can do so by appointing their legal guardian for the baby. While the exact process for appointing a guardian varies from state to state, it is fairly easy to achieve in several ways. If the person the parents designate as their godmother is their most reliable friend, they can take steps to appoint her as the child`s legal guardian in the event that they die or are unable to work while the child is a minor. This gives the parents security and the child organized future care. One way to do this is in a will. If both parents make a will and name the godmother as their preferred guardian in the will, it is very likely that the court will name her. Simply put, the main difference between a sponsor and a legal guardian is the legality of the relationship. Being a sponsor means that you are actively participating in the child`s life, but it is usually more of a religious role. A guardian, on the other hand, has a very specific role: to take care of the children if both parents were to die. The short answer is yes, but only if you name it as such.

Of course, there are pros and cons to choosing your child`s sponsor as your guardian, so weigh your decision carefully. Godparents have been around almost as long as Christianity and have played an important role in the Church. The renunciation of the devil is at the center of baptism ceremonies. And since infants can`t speak for themselves, godparents have done it for them – and still do. Mark F. Moss, Esq, a Florida-licensed estate planning attorney (and therefore can only speak with Florida law), says, „Just because someone is a sponsor doesn`t mean they hand over the child to them because there`s no legal relationship.“ Parents can take legal action to appoint godparents as guardians if they can no longer care for their children. If both parents make a will and appoint a sponsor as their preferred legal guardian, it is likely that the court will accept them. Some states also allow parents to appoint sponsors as guardians through another process, sometimes called „parental appointment of a guardian.“ After reading all this, you may be wondering what is the snack? The short answer is that godparents do not have legal custody. However, in the event that the child`s parents die, you can apply for custody of your sponsored child in Colorado Family Court. As parents, in addition to our immediate family, whose children we hope will be under the supervision of others, are the godparents. And they also have a special role, especially when something happens to parents. In the beginning, being a sponsor is sometimes a responsibility entrusted to you.

However, there is also one thing that parents sometimes do not consider during the process. These are the legal consequences for children once the process is complete. This does not mean that if something happens to the parent, the sponsor will replace him. Whether or not you choose a sponsor for your children (and whether or not you appoint your sponsor as your children`s legal guardian), the most important thing is to prepare for the future – now. Again, there are many things to consider, and appointing more than one tutor can seem complicated. If your family situation is complex or there are other factors, such as: Your appointed guardians who live out of state, you should contact an estate planning attorney to make sure your files are in order. To learn more about choosing a parent or guardian, click here. However, the parents of a child may grant a legal power of attorney to the godmother, if they wish, by appointing her as guardian of the child.

Of course, this should only be done with the consent of the godmother. Appointment procedures vary a bit from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but they are usually simple enough to get by without a lawyer. In the event that both genetic parents die and there is no living will that explicitly delegates custody to the godparents, the chain of custody follows the natural family presumption. Natural family assumptions say that parents and grandparents take precedence, followed by active members of the immediate family. As an active sponsor who takes his role as a moral advisor seriously, you may have reasons to seek custody in court. If you decide to apply to the court for custody, all you have to do is prove that you have played an active role in the child`s life, that you have contributed positively to the child`s well-being, and that transferring custody through other family members is in the best interests of the child. As society and culture move further and further away from the strict teachings of the Church, some vestiges of religious traditions remain, although they are not always well understood or translated into modern society. This is the case with sponsors. Historically, godparents have been chosen for their sound religious judgment and superior spiritual intellect. Where the parents fought, the godparents were able to give strength to the child.

Over time, the concept of godfather became one who would assume parental responsibility in the event of the death of the child`s parents. This usually happens in children in the event of the death or disability of their parents. Well, a godfather that most people received through a religious ceremony. Usually by church or whatever religious ceremony you have. The children are Christians, then the godparents are present and present at the ceremony. They become godparents. I think a lot of people don`t even think about parents. The process known as legal consequences for children, even if you have officiated sponsorship in the eyes of your religion, there is no legally established parenting. My point is that if something happens to you, the court will not necessarily submit to the person you have named sponsor. That they, who automatically serve in the role of parents.

How can responsibility for the ceremony be transferred to family law and custody? The simple answer is – it is not. Unfortunately, according to Colorado state law, a religious ceremony is just that, a ceremony. Legal documentation has not yet been followed for the ceremony to have legal significance. As with marriage, when parents want to give custody to godparents in the event of death, they must do so with a living will. Consultation with a lawyer on the production of official sponsors that you have established through your church. In my experience, I think it is a difficult process to follow legally. I advise you to do it at the beginning, as long as everyone is alive and healthy. And let him already rule through the right channels. The church said the original purpose of appointing sponsors — to serve as religious mentors for children — has lost its spiritual significance and instead becomes „a networking opportunity for families looking to improve their happiness.“ Teo Spengler acquired a J.D. from Boalt Hall at the University of California, Berkeley.

As Assistant Attorney General in Juneau, she practiced before the Alaska Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court before opening the plaintiff`s assault office in San Francisco. She holds master`s and master`s degrees in creative writing and enjoys writing blogs and legal articles. His work has been published in numerous online publications including USA Today, Legal Zoom, eHow Business, Livestrong, SF Gate, Go Banking Rates, Arizona Central, Houston Chronicle, Navy Federal Credit Union, Pearson,, and numerous attorney websites. Spengler shuttles between the French Basque Country and Northern California. Many people choose very trustworthy and beloved friends as godparents and might assume that these are the people who would take care of their children if something happened to them. Has the appointment of a sponsor for one`s own child become the same as the appointment of a legal guardian? The answer is no. First, the recent revelations about Prince Harry and former Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, insisting on keeping the identities of their two young children secret. Harry`s brother, Prince William, was reportedly „perplexed“ by the royal couple`s decision to break with centuries-old traditions, and he`s not alone. It is also possible to designate the godmother as guardian in a document that is not the will. For example, parents in Massachusetts can use a form called Guardian Parental Appointment, which they use to designate the sponsor as the child`s legal guardian. This document must be signed by the parents and two witnesses, and the signatures must be notarized.

Read more: Guardian vs. guardian of a minor child in a will In Roman Catholic Church practices, a child may have two godparents, a man and a woman, as godparents. Godparents serve as official witnesses that the child has been baptized. A document called a baptismal certificate, which is issued when a child is baptized in church, lists the names of godparents.