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Military justice The purpose of military law is to promote justice, help maintain good order and discipline in the armed forces, promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the military establishment, thereby enhancing national security. 62 AW/JA works closely with commanders to resolve disciplinary issues. 62 AW/JA also provides advice at all levels of investigations, including OSI, MPI, SFS and command investigations. Our Military Justice and Adversarial Departments advise commanders on courts martial, extrajudicial sanctions and administrative referrals. Our Adverse Actions section advises commanders, senior sergeants and superiors on military administrative matters, such as reprimands and letters of advice, as well as adverse information files. If you have disciplinary issues that are not addressed above, please contact the Military Justice Division. 62 AW/JA does not notify airmen who are subject to administrative action or those suspected of having committed a criminal offence under the UCMJ. These flyers should contact the Area Defense Attorney at (253) 982-2440, who is not affiliated with 62 AW/JA. Civil law The disciplines of civil law are closely related to the acquisition, operation, protection and maintenance of the force and its personnel, funds, weapons systems, equipment and facilities. Civil law also provides proactive legal assistance and public relations for the legal preparation of airmen.

62 AW/JA provides sound and timely advice on many topics, including: Common Core Matters, Reinstatements, FOIA/Privacy Act Requests, Order Packs, Support Arrangements, Operational Law, Tax Law, Congressional Inquiries and Investigations, and Civil Labor and Employment Law. 62 AW/JA also provides sound ethical advice, including: gifts, conferences, conferences, post-government employment, political activities, and non-federal institutions. This list of services is not exhaustive, please contact 62 AW/JA for legal review and coordination. The Action Plan on the Prevention of Terrorism ensures that all victims and witnesses of crime who experience physical, financial or emotional trauma receive the support and protection to which they are entitled. Our VVP Coordinator helps victims and witnesses get the resources and services they need. If you are a victim or witness of a crime, you may be entitled to cash benefits, legal assistance and moving services. Eligibility: Active duty members, reserve members and federal order guards, retired military members and their dependents. Services offered: Personal and civil affairs, including wills, powers of attorney, notaries and general legal matters relating to personal civil matters, which are provided free of charge. Lawyers cannot discuss criminal matters with their clients or advise them over the phone. Please bring all relevant documents for your application.

Appointment/walk-in: (253) 982-5513 Notaries and powers of attorney not related to health are walk-in services. All other legal advisors are only available by appointment. Walk-in/appointment visits can be found at the McChord Legal Support Office, Bldg 100, Ste 1096, Mon-Fri, 0800-1600. Intermediate/Transient Shift Workers and Responders: If you are an emergency responder scheduled for short-term emergency response OR if you are on medium or suburban shifts and cannot be seen by the McChord or Fort Lewis Legal Aid offices, please contact 62 AW/JA at (253) 982-6305 to make an appointment. Air Force Legal Assistance Website 62 AW/JA provides legal services to the Commander of 62 Airlift Wing, Command Staff and 25 other McChord Field Commanders, including the Commander of 627 Air Base Group, in legal matters relating to military justice, civil, claims and operational law. Through our unique support to Joint Base, we are expanding the legal assistance mission of the I Corps of Staff Judge Advocate (I Corps OSJA) and supporting a clientele of more than 11,000 airmen and their dependents. 62 AW/JA supports McChord`s 48 C-17 Globemaster III aircraft, which enable global combat and humanitarian airlift missions in support of rapid global mobility. Are you interested in joining an elite team of lawyers? Practice as an officer and lawyer or paralegal.

Contact our Law Firm Superintendent today at 253-982-6305. As part of the Joint Core Mission, all private organizations (POs) and fundraising efforts will be reviewed and approved by the Army MWR and I Corps OSJA. Visit the JBLM MWR private organization page or call (253) 967-5356. The Air Force Claims Service Center handles personal claims from airmen and civilian employees, including household items, personal property, and damage to vehicles. For more information, please visit: To file a tort action with our office, please contact us so that we can complete the registration and refer you to the appropriate body if necessary. WA State Bar Legal Assistance for Military Personnel 24/7 Helpline: Military One Source – (800) 342-9647 DoD Safe Helpline – (877) 995-5247 TRICARE Advisor – (800) TRICARE Military Crisis Hotline – (800) 273-8255 THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE IS OF A GENERAL NATURE AND IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. IT IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL ADVICE. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW THE LAW AFFECTS YOU OR YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS, CONTACT YOUR CIVIL ATTORNEY OR 62 AW/YES FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH A LICENSED ATTORNEY.

McChord Legal Office (62 AW/JA) (253) 982-6305 100 Col Joe Jackson Blvd, Suite 3031 Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438 Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 0830-1630 I Corps McChord Legal Support Office (253) 982-5513 100 Col Joe Jackson Blvd, Ste 1096 Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 0800-1600 EMERGENCIES: Call 911 or the command post: (253) 982-2635 Victims of Sexual Crimes: Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 24/7 Helpline: (253) 982-7272 Special Victims Advocate (not affiliated with 62 AW/JA): (253) 982-6741/5210.