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North Penn Legal Services is a nonprofit organization that provides civil legal assistance to low-income residents of northeastern Pennsylvania. We provide legal assistance so people can know their rights and free legal representation in non-criminal cases such as eviction, discrimination, family law and consumer protection issues. You can apply online at & at any time. (Link below) North Penn Legal Services prides itself on the important work that all of our staff and volunteers do every day with clients in need. We help them solve the most pressing and urgent civil law issues and support self-advocates in their quest for access to justice. Join our dedicated legal aid team and make a difference. Nearly 400,000 people live in or less than 125% of poverty in northeastern Pennsylvania. At least 50% will deal with two or three civil law challenges each year. The most serious problems relate to their health, safety, housing, food security and their financial ability to support themselves and their families. This North Penn legal services office provides free legal representation to eligible clients in Bradford and Susquehanna counties. The NPLS mobilizes the private bar association, social services and community organizations, courts and advocacy groups to effectively assist low-income individuals with their civil justice needs.

NPLS has been providing free civil legal assistance for over 50 years. Learn more about our mission and history. NPLS provides free, daily civil legal assistance to low-income families, individuals, and groups in northeastern Pennsylvania. Services include one-on-one representation (from document preparation to litigation), information, referrals and advice through a hotline, legal training in the community, and support for clients who take responsibility for dealing with some or all aspects of their own problem. North Penn Legal Services strives to resolve civil law issues and empower vulnerable populations through professional legal advocacy, advocacy, and education. Learn more and get involved. We welcome you to our website and encourage you to apply for legal services online or by phone, make a donation to help us with this work, volunteer as a pro bono partner, or read about the many areas of civil law. Outreach and community events help us raise awareness and share important information. Visit us at our next event and see how you can get involved.

Find something to do. For performance information, call 877-953-4250, Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Find the latest NPLS information and announcements. Have you ever used this desk for anything? What did you think? Volunteer lawyers bridge the gap between those who need help and those who receive it directly from legal aid. Team up with us and see what a big difference a little of your time can make. Make a difference. Find Towanda Legal Aid & Pro Bono Services by field of activity. Join us for our annual fundraiser on October 14, 2022 and support NPLS` mission. Many sponsorship opportunities are available.

Rape and Abuse Support Center (570) 265-5333PO Box 186Towanda, PA 18848Domestic and Family Violence You can apply online or call 1-877-953-4250. Entrance hours are Monday to Thursday: 9:00-11:30, 13:30-16:00 and Friday: 9:00-11:30. North Penn serves customers in the following counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. Please click on the office where you would like to volunteer for information on opportunities in this area: NPLS may record certain expenses (for example, employment-related expenses, child support, and unusually high medical expenses) for households beyond these guidelines. 2017 Poverty Guidelines, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For families/households of more than 8 people, add $4,180 for each additional person. NPLS offers a variety of self-help resources, manuals, and videos on a variety of topics. Look. Victims of domestic violence are represented free of charge, regardless of income. 213 Main Street Towanda, PA – 18848 Phone Number: (877) 515-7732 Fax: (570) 534-0976.