Kemetic 42 Laws of Ma`at

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Although I am not African, I am a mixed race, Hispanic, American. In search of the roots of man and the initial upheaval of the Ma`at Way, in the current state of which the world has belief systems and tendencies in life. I see the chaos caused, the northern Indo-Europeans, who stole and manipulated knowledge. I only used it to kill and coerce indigenous peoples around the world who had a virtually common belief system in a misinterpreted and less evolved being, not to mention the extermination of those who would not conform. So let us take not only the truths of Africa, but the truths of the world. Now the world is sitting in a deaf, ignorant, doomed state. I was so happy to see these comments and to find the Ma`at way because this is the real way of life. While I may not be able to fully comply with the 42 laws, I can spread the knowledge and hope to one day be accepted into the Kemet lifestyle. A path for all of Africa and the world. Such harmony with the universe and all that it contains can only produce positive development, and the change and destruction of this truth is the truth of Ma`at only to hinder the true architects and leaders of humanity for the use of a single group which is the minority in the world, and only because of their violence they have made it their falsely majority image and distorted images of our ancestors. How can we awaken the masses and the world Hetepu brothers and sisters who are kemetically conscious, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Meruexa and those who agree with your point of view.

I mean, YOUR point of view with its little nuances is wrong and disrespectful, as are all of you who would prefer to discredit the first humans of Africa. It is obvious that you do not know the facts about Akubulan (Kemet), the land of the blacks, and you would not know either that the first man created in Kemet is recorded in our history as (those Africans who know our ancestry). PTAH, a black man was and is the first human being created by Ra, an aspect of Atum, our Creator, and therefore the descendants of humans were Black Asur and his siblings. I would be remiss if I did not pay tribute to all our ancestors who paved the way for our understanding of our black history. Dr Cheik Anta Diop. Dr. Yosef BenYochannan. Dr.

John Henrik Clarke, to name a few, and Imohotep and Manethones. Our historical beginnings are written on the walls (hieroglyphics) literally you have to be silly not to see our beautiful shades of skin and black features, so we are there in the paintings that are talked about in the writings on the walls, but oh let`s not forget the European historians of yesteryear after coming out of the caves and ice-covered hills of Europe Count Volney Wallis Budge. Homer read about us the history of our black ancestors and our spiritual moral life in these European accounts. COMPANION. It wasn`t until fake white Europeans came to Kemet Lands of Blacks to look for food because of their starvation in the cold that our Heritage Living MAAT disappeared. So you can`t live MAAT. unless you pay homage to the principles of Ra MAAT.says We should not disrespect God/Goddess. so don`t mix your BS-Jive into divine moral laws by saying you live MAAT because you don`t. And you don`t recognize the God/Goddess aspect of Ra, who created everything. YOU ARE RAPING MAAT. As for the person who said that black people are killing each other, they are only doing it because the younger generation does not have confidence in themselves.

You see, when your people enslaved us, America brought us America and deprived us of MAAT. And we enslaved, we began to adopt the social characteristics of your ancestors our slave-owning ancestors, that we started these behaviors, that a whole bunch of new evils in short Kemet Africans had no violence in them until the Europeans came and helped break the law of Raa de MAAT. The black Hetepu brothers and sisters continue to spread our historical knowledge that will spread it, and we, the black descendants of Kemet Land of Blacks, will rise again to rule through MAAT. No one on this planet has fully adhered to these laws and at least broken them (1). So what? Each nationality should know who its ancestors are, where they come from and what they stand for. Know yourself, once you discover that knowing personal life is easier to understand, for example, we are not all the same. What if Africans do what Europeans do, enslave Europeans and dominate the world (own the land, control the global economy, and make the laws that govern the United States?).