Is Pot Legal in Belgium

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and also: „The easiest way is to take a train to Holland: they leave every hour. Go to Dordrecht or Rotterdam for the day and go to the cafes there. Walk during the day and dress conservatively to suit commuters. I have rarely seen police officers on the train, and they seem to be busier in crushing the illegal immigrants who have come down at Schipol Airport (Amsterdam). The purchase of cannabis seeds in Belgium is legal and the law has decriminalized the cultivation of a female cannabis plant at home. You may not grow more than one plant, nor use the seeds as food, in accordance with the laws of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain. It is legal for Sensi Seeds to ship seeds to Brussels, so I recommend ordering directly from us online. Even if you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive exclusive discount codes and news about special offers to make your shopping experience even more 🙂 special, simply enter your email address in the „Subscribe“ box at the bottom right of the page. If you live in Belgium and love cannabis, you may be wondering what legal and cultural status the herb has locally. This blog looks at the current situation of our neighbours to the south and explains whether it is possible and even legal to order Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds in Belgium. In 2018, Belgian scientists publicly concluded that the country`s cannabis policies were having adverse effects on society. Proponents of legalization also point out that recreational reform would bring the national economy to €700 million per year (roughly the same amount in dollar terms). The purchase of cannabis seeds is allowed in Belgium as well as in France, so it may be a good time to collect „best of“ cannabis seeds for the next 420 days! Legalizing the cultivation and sale of weed may not be that far away, so get ready! Belgium`s reputation for its strange laws has grown thanks to media websites around the world.

You can read about the strange Belgian laws that make it legal to throw Brussels sprouts at tourists throughout the country, but illegally to imply that someone is Swedish. Or that you definitely shouldn`t wear a red hat on Antwerp`s main shopping street (from Meir), nor should women be taller than five feet and six inches. In July 2022, the mayor of Brussels took up the debate on the legalization of cannabis in Belgium, or at least on the fact that it could be decriminalized. But it seems that the country is once again divided on the issue: Wallonia is more in favor of the legalization of cannabis, while the Flemish part is against the idea. I cannot give you a definitive answer because I do not know all the details, but this article suggests that if the police believe that someone is using cannabis and causing a nuisance, they can act. So if they broke into your home because of a noise complaint, they probably could. However, please consult a qualified lawyer before taking any action. We have had our articles reviewed by a Dutch lawyer and they are updated regularly, but they do not replace personal legal advice. In order to operate legally, Buddy Brussels needed a decision on binding European tariff information (BTI). Currently, only four companies in Belgium are active in this field. If you ask about the legality of salvia in Belgium, according to Wikipedia, there are „certain controls“, but I can`t find any details about what these controls are. I suggest you consult a lawyer in Belgium to make sure you get a really accurate answer; I`m sorry I can`t help you, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

As far as I know here in Belgium, the only condition is actually 1 plant max. and it must be female. I wouldn`t risk them growing outside in your garden or anything if they can be easily seen by the surroundings! Once imported, the product is divided into 2-gram bags, with the required legal stickers placed prior to retail distribution for sales of around €10-12 per gram in garages and convenience stores across the country. The current law states that it is legal to grow a plant in your own home. A 2015 report found that cannabis cultivation was „endemic“ in Belgium and that many people had chosen to grow it. While this may be the case, it is important to remember that this is still a „grey area“ and growing more than one plant is illegal. As things stand, Belgium is the first European country to legalize the cannabis flower market, albeit unintentionally. Given this, the only remaining barrier to a full adult market is the 0.2% THC limit. The Belgian Workers` Party – or PvdA – has a detailed plan on how to legalise the drug while fighting abuse and addiction, including regulating the industry. In Belgium, the pace of retail activity caught the attention of the finance department, which noted the potential for a significant tax benefit from the sale of hemp flowers.

Thus, since April 2019, dried hemp flowers are legalized and classified as a tobacco product, which is taxed at a rate of 31.5% plus a value added tax of 21% (VAT). The law does not allow the sale or purchase of CBD oil in Belgium. Products containing THC (the psychoactive substance responsible for the „high“) are illegal. In fact, all „foods“ that list cannabis as an ingredient, even if the THC content is less than 0.2%, are illegal. Nevertheless, some CBD oil manufacturers ship in the country. The possession, cultivation and sale of cannabis is still punishable by law throughout the country. However, there are some grey areas, and it is sometimes difficult to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed in Belgium when it comes to cannabis. This blog gives you some instructions in the maze of Belgian cannabis regulations. And we will look for signs of the legalization of Belgian cannabis in the future.

„The current situation in Belgium is quite unique in Europe,“ Lemaire added. Dried hemp flowers are now considered „another smoking tobacco,“ while edibles containing CBD remain banned. The opposite is true in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, where flowers are banned and edible food more or less legal. „Due to a lack of CBD-rich cannabis flowers that are low in THC (i.e. less than 0.2%) as defined by Belgian regulators, around 200 to 300 self-proclaimed CBD stores have popped up across the country in the last 16 months as enterprising entrepreneurs have capitalized on the situation. It opened up a legal gray area where products were clearly (albeit dishonestly) labeled as „not for human consumption.“ Belgium is often presented as a country ahead of its time. At least with its European neighbors, more hesitant in the face of some major social changes. She is therefore regularly cited for her love of freedom and her legislative courage on issues as sensitive as abortion, euthanasia, marriage for all, or medically assisted procreation.