Is It Legal to Kill a Raccoon

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DEAR JOAN: The other day, at 4:15 in the morning, there was a uproar outside. A raccoon knocked over the trash can, destroyed the cat feeder, tried to return to the chicken coop, and when we looked for him, he entered the hall. Raccoons use trails created by other wildlife or humans alongside streams, canyons, ponds and other water sources. Raccoons often use culverts as a safe way to cross roads. With a swamp on one side of the road and forests on the other, a culvert goes back and forth to their main road. Look for raccoon tracks in sand, mud or loose soil at each end of the culvert. In many cases, moving raccoons will not solve the original problem because other raccoons replace them and cause similar conflicts. Therefore, it is more effective to make the place less attractive to raccoons than to catch them regularly. Fences and vegetable gardens: Raccoons can easily climb wooden or wire fences or go around them using overhanging tree or shrub branches. Metal fences must have a mesh size of up to 3 inches wide to prevent young raccoons from entering. I`ve never been one to kill spiders, flies, fish, but raccoons are a problem in my neighborhood, and my 18-year-old turtle was kidnapped from my shell porch and I want justice.

It`s a good idea to check with wildlife or animal control officers in a large urban area before killing raccoons. Even small towns designated as nature reserves can prohibit the culling of raccoons. However, small towns that are wildlife sanctuaries often have very useful animal control services. In some large cities, animal control only takes care of a dead or sick animal. „Don`t try to deal with a bat under any circumstances. When provoked or threatened, bats, like any other animal, usually defend themselves by biting,“ the DEC said. „In general, bats are not dangerous animals and are very beneficial to our environment, so it is wrong and unnecessary to hurt or kill these animals.“ Keep pets indoors at night: If raccoons are stuck, they can attack dogs and cats. Raccoon bites can lead to fractures and disease transmission. Don`t feed raccoons: Feeding raccoons can lead to unwanted situations for you, your children, your neighbors, your pets, and the raccoons themselves. Raccoons fed by humans often lose their fear of humans and can become aggressive if not fed as intended. Artificial feeding also tends to concentrate raccoons in a small area; Overpopulation can spread diseases and parasites.

Eventually, these hungry visitors might approach a neighbor who doesn`t share your appreciation for animals. The neighbour can choose to remove these raccoons or have them removed. Washington raccoons often have roundworms (like domestic dogs and cats, but from a different worm). Raccoon roundworms generally do not cause serious problems for raccoons. However, roundworm eggs released into raccoon feces can cause mild to severe illness in other animals and humans. Although rarely documented anywhere in the United States, raccoon roundworm can infect a person who accidentally ingests or inhales the parasite`s eggs. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources talked about what you can do to deal with a raccoon infestation after a problem in Boardman between a man and his neighbors. ODNR said you have to handle it yourself, find a friend willing to do it for you, or pay for a licensed pest control. Read this it`s produced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission office and tells you what you can and can`t do about raccoon shooting.

Do not give raccoons access to garbage: hold the lid of your garbage can by securing it with a rope, chain, bungee cords or weights. Better yet, buy garbage cans with pliers or other mechanisms that hold the lids. To avoid tipping over, attach the side handles to metal or wooden piles that are driven into the ground. Or store your cans in airtight containers, a shed or garage. Provide garbage cans for collection in the morning after raccoons return to their resting place.