Is an Expired Photo Id Considered an Acceptable Form of Identification

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The TSA accepts variations of suffixes on boarding passes and IDs. Suffixes are not required on boarding passes. If there is a suffix on the boarding pass and there is no suffix on the badge or vice versa, this option is considered acceptable. Vital Statistics accepts the following identification document (ID*): Adult passengers 18 years of age and older must present valid identification at the airport checkpoint to travel. In consultation with its DHS colleagues, the TSA has identified other acceptable identifications to be used in special circumstances at the checkpoint. If you arrive at the airport without valid ID because it is lost or at home, you can still fly. The TSA representative may ask you to complete an identity verification process that includes collecting information such as your name, current address, and other personal information to confirm your identity. If your identity is confirmed, you are allowed to enter the checkpoint. You will be subject to additional screening, including pat-down and carry-on baggage screening. The TSA does not require children under the age of 18 to present identification when traveling to the United States. Contact the airline if you have questions about specific identification requirements for travelers under the age of 18. If you do not have valid identification, you must provide TWO of the following identification documents, one of which must include a photo: A firearms licence is not an acceptable form of identification. A provisional driver`s licence is not acceptable identification.

* See Texas Administrative Code Title 25 §181.28 for details on requirements for identifying qualified candidates and supporting documentation. Below is a list of acceptable pieces of identification that you must present at the office for your alcohol card test. All identification documents must be originals, not photocopies or scans. Documents must be legible and not torn or glued together. Expired documents are not considered valid and will not be accepted. If you have a valid U.S. driver`s license, DMV-issued ID, or passport, this is sufficient for identification. You may not enter the security checkpoint if your identity cannot be verified, if you do not wish to identify yourself correctly, or if you refuse to cooperate with the identity verification process. As of May 3, 2023, if you plan to use your government-issued ID or license to fly to the United States, make sure it is REAL ID compliant. If you`re not sure if your ID matches the REAL ID, contact your state`s Department of Motor Vehicles. If your identity cannot be verified, you should not enter the checkpoint.

If you do not have one from Group A, please enter TWO (2) from GROUP B:. The TSA recommends that you arrive at least two hours before your flight time.