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Photo by GreggaTrelt. In recent years, more and more countries have introduced more or less permissive regulations to liberalize cannabis. And consequently on the use of marijuana or the substance extracted precisely from the seeds, leaves and dried flowers of Indian hemp. In Italy, for example, it is possible to sell and consume in person, but the law prescribes the maximum possession limit of 500 mg of active ingredient. This is because marijuana is a hallucinogen and therefore considered a drug, although many studies show how it can be used as a therapeutic treatment for certain diseases. We let you judge the legitimacy of its use, and if you are willing to share this dream state that marijuana promises to induce, here is a map of where it is legal to consume it. In some countries, marijuana use is prohibited, illegal and prosecuted. But at the same time, its use is somehow tolerated, and the law is often not enforced by the authorities. However, this is an illegal activity and the consumer must be fully aware of it. Let`s see which are these countries where consumption is partially tolerated and not always prosecuted: counting all the states of the world, the number of countries where consumption is legalized is really minimal, but at the same time, many are moving for legalization, with some stakes, and currently there are several countries in which the use is illegal, but decriminalized. This means that recreational use is prohibited, as well as sale and sale, but medical use is legalized, with a prescription from a specialist. In addition, the penalty for possession does not provide for imprisonment. Here are the main countries: In some countries, the use of cannabis is now legal or essentially legal, therefore tolerated and authorized, always respecting certain restrictions and rules of consumption.

In the United States of America, for example, some laws have been adopted to regulate its use, mainly in the therapeutic area. However, in other countries, marijuana use is part of the tradition and is therefore completely allowed and is also used for recreational purposes. Here is a list of countries where it is legal: Finally, we find the countries where marijuana use is completely illegal: its use, regardless of the purpose, is considered a criminal offense. This ranges from imprisonment to the payment of heavy fines, in some countries of the world, the crime is instead punishable by death. It is important to know these countries, especially to avoid unpleasant mishaps. In Europe, we find few states, many more in Africa, the Middle East and some Asian countries. Ecco gli Stati dove il consumo di marijuana, che sia a scopo personale o terapeutico, è del tutto illegale: In addition to the terms in Section 3(a), the following terms apply when you share custom material that you produce. Your exercise of the Licensed Rights is expressly subject to the following terms.

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