How to Serve a Subpoena on an Insurance Company

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According to Chapter 48.151(1), MSDS; All authorized insurers (insurance companies) registered in the State of Florida must appoint the Florida Chief Financial Officer as a legally registered agent for the delivery of disputes. A foreign insurance company is incorporated under the laws of the United States or the District of Columbia, but in a state or territory other than the State of Washington. A foreign insurance company is incorporated under the laws of a country other than the United States. You can serve national insurance companies through any agent authorized by that company to purchase insurance in Washington State. You can use our agent, agency and business search tool to find an agent near you. Legal proceedings may be served on the Superintendent on behalf of a New York insurance company or licensed fraternity (see Section 1212 of the Insurance Act) or a New York Registered Risk Mitigation Unit (see Insurance Act, Section 5904) with respect to a contract delivered or issued for delivery, or pursuant to a cause of action arising in New York. Legal proceedings may also be served on the Superintendent on behalf of an unauthorized (i.e., „unlicensed“) insurance company (see Insurance Act, section 1213) if the company carries on certain activities referred to in section 1213. In addition, legal documents and proceedings may be served on the Superintendent on behalf of a registered purchasing group (see section 5908 of the Insurance Act) or a licensed life insurance settlement provider (see Insurance Act, section 7803). Please check all documents to determine the correct legal name of the underwriting company. This should appear on the statement page of the insurance policy. For example, there are several State Farm companies registered in Florida, but State Farm and State Farm Insurance Company or Companies are not legal names for insurers in Florida and therefore cannot be served by our agency.

We are not required to act as a registered agent for insurance agencies or insurance groups. If you are not sure of the correct name, you can contact the Secretary of State-Companies Division on their website To serve a foreign or foreign insurer, please submit the following to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance: 1 copy of each document to be served (complaint, evidence, discovery, etc.) pursuant to subsection 48.151(1), F.S. The CFO`s office in Florida now scans all documents received for delivery and stores the electronic image as a copy for historical documents. This practice eliminates the need to file two copies of the complaint when trying to serve an insurance company. You will still need to provide the original and a genuine copy of the summons, a copy of the complaint and the $15 cheque for the service fee. The Department accepts cheques or money orders for several insurance companies served. However, if the payment is made with a single cheque or money order, and the papers are unacceptable to any of the parties served (for example, if the name of the insurance company is incorrect), all the documents you wish to deliver will be returned, meaning that the service of the claim has not been made on any of the companies. As the legally required registered agent for service of proceedings on insurance companies, the CFO`s office only serves the initial process (subpoena and complaint or subpoena). You are not responsible for transmitting pre-trial notices or correspondence or subsequent filings, briefs, and documents after initial service, unless ordered by the court pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.080.

The service notice also contains this disclaimer. Documents received after the first delivery will not be forwarded to insurers or returned to the sender. If not, make sure the lawyer`s name and address are correct and clearly visible on the documents. Proof of service will be returned to the lawyer`s name and address as indicated on the summons. You may wish to include a stamped envelope to request the return of Two copies of such a process must be delivered in person to the Superintendent of Financial Services of New York at the Superintendent`s Office on One State Street, New York, NY 10004, with a cheque for $2.00. Other documents in a case that do not themselves initiate proceedings against the bank must then be served directly on the bank or its legal counsel.