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Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. is a professional and viable organization that works together within the growing Sunshine Coast community to provide accessible legal services to those in need. View our strategic plan here. Suncoast Community Legal Service relies on the generosity of volunteer local advocacy lawyers to provide free legal advice sessions. Appointments are limited to fifteen minutes. Demand for the service has increased year on year, with SCLS providing 13,000 people with high-quality legal advice and information over the past three years. In most cases, Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. only provides consultation and referral services. There is no charge for the services provided, but clients are encouraged to make a small donation for operating costs. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. provides high quality legal advice, information and education to the Sunshine Coast community.

Free legal advice and recommendations are available by making appointments with volunteer and staff lawyers. Appointments are regularly available in Maroochydore, Caloundra, Landsborough, Noosa, Pomona, Maleny and Nambour. SCLS offers a comprehensive „generalist“ service and also offers specialized advice in emerging areas of family law (domestic violence, child protection, elder law), tenancy and homelessness, and employment law. The means test is the simplest of these three. It only applies to people who have no property or who are unable to pay for legal aid. Before considering legal representation, your eligibility to receive government assistance should first be reviewed. The next step is to review funding guidelines and, if necessary, a performance test. The legal system can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Especially if you`re dealing with the court system, lawyers, and new family law cases. Suncoast Community Legal Service is also a regional service provider for the North Coast region with the Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS). We provide information, recommendations and legal advice at several locations on the Sunshine Coast in all areas of EU law, including: For more information, see

Most services are provided by volunteer lawyers and it is up to each volunteer to decide what level of advice or support they are happy to provide. Clients can make other appointments for advice, usually from another lawyer. The ability to provide support other than advice and referral is very limited and is at the discretion of senior counsel. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. cannot represent the parties in court or elsewhere. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. reserves the right to refuse or limit advice or assistance at any time for any reason. Examples of areas of law that we do not advise, with respect to commercial matters, making wills and transfer, most legal aid grants require the applicant to qualify first, which meets a means test. The means test assesses your income and assets, whether you are providing financial assistance to a partner or children, or if someone else is helping you see if you qualify for legal aid. To apply for legal aid, you must have an urgent reason for seeking legal aid.

You are not eligible if you are only curious about your legal rights or if your problem is not legal. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit community organization that provides legal advice, referrals and training. Our mission is to provide quality legal services to address disadvantage in the Sunshine Coast community with volunteers and staff. Our service delivery is based on the values of respect, independence, efficiency, integrity and cooperation. Written legal information, self-help kits and fact sheets are available on the Queensland Law Handbook website. 5. It applies to requests for mutual legal assistance, unless otherwise specified in this guidance manual. The information in this article does not constitute legal advice; Instead, all information, content and materials available on this website are for general information purposes only.

Shanahan Family offers a wide range of legal services in family law, including divorce and separation, paternity and family allowances, and property settlement. Since 2009, we have been providing Australians with high-quality, affordable and accessible legal advice. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc hosts a student social work center that takes recommendations from its legal and rental department in situations where it is determined that clients have problems beyond their legal problems. These references are handled by supervised social work students. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. also has an Elder Abuse Clinic (with referrals from the Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Service) which is open Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lawyers can only offer general advice and appropriate recommendations. Making an appointment is essential by filling out the form below or by calling 07 5376 7800 during office hours. Advice is not provided by email.

The easiest way would be to contact our office and arrange a free 15-minute consultation. Call (07) 5408 4470 or make an appointment here or email our office in Sunshine Coast Legal Aid family law services can help people resolve their disputes by making them affordable and efficient. Legal aid helps you navigate the family justice system and the emotional roller coaster of separation and divorce. Shanahan family law will help you stay in control and protect your rights as a spouse or ex-spouse. We also provide advice, legal representation and information to help you make informed financial decisions. SCLS staff and volunteers treat all clients of the Service with the utmost courtesy and respect at all times. SCLS ensures that client confidentiality is maintained by all employees or volunteers of the Service. Please feel free to review the department`s written policy on customer privacy.

We want you to know that we are available to help you. If you can`t afford a lawyer and need a family law lawyer who offers quality legal representation, we can help. We understand that the legal system can be complex and overwhelming, so don`t hesitate to contact us for advice or representation regarding your family law matter. Read on or book here. Suncoast`s Community Legal Service provides general legal assistance in the form of personal consultations, information, bank transfers and assistance with filling out forms. The merits test is assessed on the basis of the legal and factual merits of the case. If he is more likely to succeed or fail, if he goes to court, if a reasonable person would risk his money to take the matter to court, if the benefit that the plaintiff receives from a lawyer justifies the issuance of limited public funds for his particular case. Legal aid is free legal aid provided by the government. It provides access to legal services to low- and middle-income people who cannot afford or otherwise access them. There is a legal aid commission in every state and territory in Australia.

Legal Aid Queensland in Maroochydore Sunshine Coast is an independent provider of legal services for specialist family law advice and representation. On its website, its objective is as follows: „We provide financially disadvantaged people with legal assistance in criminal, family and civil matters. We are committed to providing high quality service to all our customers, as described in our service charter. Our goal is to eliminate disadvantage by providing the Sunshine Coast community with high quality legal advice, information and training through volunteers and staff. At the same time, SCLS is available to support USC student body members who may need legal advice. Home » Legal » Get help: Legal advice from the best family law lawyer in Sunshine Coast Legal Aid. Finding a legal aid family law lawyer on the Sunshine Coast can be overwhelming. For those already feeling the financial pressure of an unplanned baby, the recent legal advisor on separation or divorce is a lifeline that can help. Sunshine Coast Family Law Legal Aid is here to help people in difficult times with their family law matters. Legal Aid Queensland provides disadvantaged Queensland residents with access to justice in the areas of family, civil and criminal law – subject to tests of means, performance and guidelines. Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc (SCLS) exists to eliminate disadvantage by providing free municipal legal advice, information, referrals, records and education to the growing Sunshine Coast community.

The 30-minute Legal Aid fact sheets are a series of concise, easy-to-read fact sheets that provide information on topics such as legal aid eligibility, entitlements and the provision of assistance. To access legal aid, you must apply for a grant if you want a legal aid family lawyer to represent you in court. It is not easy to qualify for legal aid. Some of the requirements can be complex, such as low income or limited wealth. Shanahan Family Law`s Legal Aid Partnership allows us to help you advise you on your legal aid application, apply for legal aid on your behalf, help you resolve your legal problem and represent you in court. They are available both in print and online. Legal Aid Queensland`s website contains a range of information on legal aid, including legal aid fact sheets and other information on the legal aid system.