Escrito Para Cambio De Representante Legal Ante El Imss

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In the case of the example, the revocation is made in person, since the legal representative has personally gone to the corresponding sub-delegation, but the returned letter is not necessary, as the procedure is carried out immediately after the notification of the change of legal representative and the issuance of the new employer card. The legality, accuracy and quality of the information in this procedural form are the strict responsibility of the dependency, establishment or productive enterprise of the State that provided it as an authority for the management of the procedure due to its attributions and / or regulatory powers. Home > Tax Law > How to change your legal representative with the IMSS In the event of a change of legal representative, this situation can be communicated to the IMSS as follows via: Companies that have concluded a subrogation agreement for medical services with quota reversal in force must indicate this in writing when notifying the employers` representatives. Current official identification of the employer or his legal representative Notarized document in which he proves the quality of the legal representative for administrative, domain or special powers, if it is indicated that he can carry out all types of procedures and sign documents before the IMSS Derived from the decree published in the Official Journal of the Federation on Friday, April 23 of the current year, by which the Social Insurance Institution (IMSS) in particular by circular No. 09 52 17 9000/UISS/09/2021 of 27. April 2021, informed the Heads of State of State, regional and decentralized administrative bodies of Mexico City: By announcing this change, Social Security can know who is authorized to manage the necessary procedures associated with employer fees. and thus avoid that the legal representative has difficulties in providing care. Go immediately to the Digital Signature window to request revocation of the digital certificate. To do this, the legal representative must provide the staff of the institution with the file containing the electronic signature and the digital certificate of the company (preferably on a USB key), as well as the username and password of access. 4. Finally, in order to check whether the management has succeeded, it is necessary to select the company that has undergone the change, and in the category Name of employer or legal representative, check whether the name of the current representative appears It should be noted that on the electronic page of the Institute ( it is considered that the revocation of the digital certificate can be carried out via the Internet or in person. and that in the latter case, the legal representative must provide the letter of withdrawal reproduced at the end of this section.

3. Find the name of the employer or legal representative and note the name of the new representative. Then click Update The Notice of Business Change for Occupational Risk Insurance (AM-SRT) will be generated at the end of the procedure with confirmation of the submission of the procedure. Select the company to which the change is to be made – Delegation – Subdelegation – PNR (employer registration number) – Department, class, faction – Name of employer – Activity – Address – Place and date of issue – Full name and signature of the legal representative and other persons authorized to submit notifications of membership to the IMSS Do you want to register one or more legal representatives or one of them delete? Informs the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) of the data of the legal representative. – Proof of the CURP of the legal representative and other persons authorized to present the membership movements It is the duty of every employer to inform the social security of the suspension, resume, modification or cessation of his activity; Closure; change of name, name or company name, address or legal representative; Replacement of the employer, merger, division or any other circumstance that modifies the data provided to the Institute within five working days from the occurrence of each case, attaching the relevant supporting documents (art. 16, Regulation of the Social Security Code on Affiliation, Classification of Enterprises, Investigation and Inspection – RACERF-). The legal representative, as well as the persons authorized in the protocol to carry out administrative acts (with reference to the IMSS), must go to the Department of Affiliation – Validity of the rights of the sub-delegation corresponding to his tax residence and present the following documents: If the company has a new legal representative, it is obliged to inform the IMSS to Russell Bedford. We can advise and/or assist you in carrying out the relevant procedures before the IMSS.

In addition, it is recommended that this change be made to the Unified System of Self-Determination (SUA) so that the documents issued by this system contain the correct information. The simplified procedure for transmitting the employer exchange to the IMSS, on the other hand, in order to dismiss the former representative, employer or new legal representative must request the deletion of the employer`s electronic identification number and digital certificate, and then process a new one. Written description of the usage details of the same field A appears indicating whether you want to save the information, click Yes. At the end of the 90-day period, class employer registrations that have not been rejected are IMSS revocation data, except for those with disabled workers; The removal of these documents from the employer takes place as soon as there are no more employees with disabilities. Wait for the issuance of the new employer card, which is currently the size of a header and contains the following information: Face-to-face: In the subdelegation that corresponds to you according to the address of the place of work, from Monday to Friday on working days of the IMSS from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Public deed or deed of incorporation, which contains the seal of the public register of property and business procedures undergoing continuous improvement, you will soon be able to view it with the digital services standard. If the information is correct, Social Security employees will provide you with the updated employer card. READ: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ADMINISTRATOR AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE Then, another window appears informing you that the template has been satisfactorily updated, click OK.