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Types of research methodological frameworks. Definition of the variable system Legal bases of research. Theoretical foundations Structure of a research project Quantitative research Quantitative research „measures what the medium is Information and research analysis c Legal bases are official documents that prevent both the brand and the participant from all actions related to an online PhD. Thanks to these types of documents, several legal aspects of a competition are described in detail, for example: The legal framework provides us with the foundations on which institutions are built and determines the scope and nature of political participation. The theoretical basis is a structure on which the study is built, without which it is not known which elements can and cannot be taken into account. Without a good theoretical basis, any instrument designed or selected, or any technique used in the study, has no validity. According to Villafranca D. (2002), „the legal bases are nothing more than laws that legally support the development of the project“, explains that the legal bases „are laws, regulations and rules required in certain investigations whose purpose justifies it“. In most places, contractors (especially those with more than five employees) are required by law to insure their employees in a variety of ways. Many amateur entrepreneurs try to reduce the costs associated with running a business by weakening their insurance rates, but they understand that saving on employee compensation could backfire and cost them dearly.

Some small businesses may be exempt, but as you start to grow, remember that you`ll soon have to think about workers` compensation. In general, they bring together a number of basic aspects to dispel the doubts of the participants. The aspects that are usually covered in these bases are those that we will list below: Uff, Thank you parish, of great help this contribution, Help to make the legal foundations of my project of 5th year Legal foundations of research. It is the series of documents of a legal nature that serve as referential testimony and support for the research carried out. Some of the legal documents that can be named are: As mentioned in the previous section, legal bases serve as a support to protect owners from plagiarism on the Internet. However, it can also be traced back to other scenarios, for example with regard to the protection of user data. In this case, the resource it supports in the European Union is the General Data Protection Regulation. Legal bases are a set of official documents used to prevent both parties involved in an online promotion: the brand and the participant. They are used to detail all legal aspects of a contest, as well as additional details such as the origin, the development of that contest and any aspects that may be of interest to any interested party. For engineering work in the construction industry, the legal framework is very important.

Designs and projects must strictly comply with the legal, regulatory and normative framework conditions of the country. An engineering student who is not familiar with the current legal framework may have serious problems in the practice of his profession. Many people aspire to start their own business, but this is easier said than successful in the trading market. Businesses run by people who are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the legal bases they must follow are particularly vulnerable to failure. However, many entrepreneurs enter the competitive market without doing enough research when it comes to covering their legal bases. Know the legal basis that a company must have here. An example that can be useful is the one we explained in one of our posts as part of the information to be offered on Facebook (social networks are essential to give visibility to a campaign of this type): the purpose of the legal bases is to give information on the need for participants a prize draw or a contest. They are used to ensure that they know how to proceed, what deadlines are met and what rules apply to them. In any case, in the event of an incident of any kind, there are no problems with the public due to the realization of movements of dubious reliability.

Its objective is to establish the principles, general principles and procedures aimed at protecting and ensuring transparency and the human right of access to public information held by taxable persons. Depending on where you live and where you intend to open your business, you may encounter additional hurdles when forming an LLC or similar legal entity. Some states and cities require you to publish the news that you started a business, for example, by publishing a statement in a local newspaper. If you do not take this step, you may result in a hefty fine or refusal by state authorities to recognize your new business. Related Content: What are the legal bases and how to properly include them in your website All searches should have legal bases… at least I`m going to do one of the ways in which the use of mobile phones affects communication between young people, and I don`t think that`s regulated by a normative resolution. In every draw you look for for networks, or even want to participate, you can find countless different legal bases. I am stuck in my legal basis:( ( is it about the psychological effects of video games on children from 7 to 10 years old, could someone guide me?? These documents usually contain modalities, rules and consequences, so that the use of this information on the Internet can be controlled. It is designed to protect the user`s privacy and give you better control over how and when you want to communicate with a digital company, for example when sending newsletters that require permission or consent to save an email address in the shipping database.

Legal bases It consists of a number of documents of a legal nature that serve as a reference witness and support for the investigation that we conduct, among these documents we have: norms, laws, regulations, decrees, resolutions, and we usually find them in: the Official Gazette, in which we must indicate their number and date of issue, laws approved by the legislature, in the minutes approved by the boards of directors, in registers, at notaries, when it comes to . According to the previous definition, legal bases are all laws that must be associated with study research, articles must be copied as is, and as an end goal, to paraphrase them with the relationship they have with research. Thank you very much. I prepare my thesis and stagnate in the legal foundations. Very useful. Its nature and content may vary depending on the country in which the initiative is implemented. For example, according to the regulations implemented in the European Union, it is necessary to dedicate a section that talks about the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the explicit consent that both parties must give. There are ways to legally protect yourself when dealing with a product online, as there is always the possibility of content plagiarism or inconvenience with users. To combat this, large companies on the Internet and in states enter into a number of agreements or legal bases to protect both trademarks and users.

Always remember that lawyers who can`t answer your questions satisfactorily won`t be able to seriously defend your business. Invest a lot of time, energy, and money to find the right legal experts to help protect your business, and your new business will be up and running in no time.