Documentos Que Se Legalizan En El Saren

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The registration of associations and civil societies of a private nature costs one Petro (56 USD) per processing fee. While for each folio of documents submitted to be registered (of any kind), you will have to pay 0.01 Petros ($0.57) for the photocopying service. Except in the case of academic, scientific, ecclesiastical and military degrees or certificates, permits include the payment of an additional petro ($56). Certified copies of documents registered in the main registers cost 0.05 Petros ($2.83) for the first folio and 0.01 Petros ($0.57) for each of the subsequent folios. Enrollment in academic professionalization diplomas and certificates costs 0.04 Petros ($2.26). For specialization degrees and higher degrees, as well as for foreign graduates, 0.20 Petros ($11.31) must be paid. Notaries` powers of attorney are exempt only from the payment of travel authorizations for children and adolescents, the registration of claims and powers of attorney as well as the appointment of guardians, curators or guardianship consultants. In order for the rest of the documents or shares to be certified in less than three days, an additional petro ($56) must be paid. For each original document presented to a notary for certification, the amount payable is 0.10 Petros ($5.66) and Petros 0.04 ($2.26) for certified true copies. The cost of issuing proxies, revocation, withdrawal and/or replacement will cost 0.02 Petros ($1.13); Certified copies of certified documents cost approximately 0.10 petros and notarial deeds cost 0.50 petros ($28) for each folio. • Documents in poor condition or crossed out, modified, folded, etc. will not be received.

Adding documents and attachments to files costs 0.60 Petros plus 0.04 Petros per folio. As „processing costs“, the photocopying system service costs 0.20 Petros for each photocopy required to process the registration of documents or procedures. For the registration and increase of the capital of commercial companies, 2% of the capital and for the change of address at least three Petros ($170) and 0.20 Petros for each folio of the collection will be charged. Approvals in commercial registers cost four petros ($226). • Certified copies of university degrees and diplomas. Keep in mind that the correspondence of the information recorded in the system and the information contained in the document will be confirmed during the document review appointment. Discrepancies between the data provided and those reflected in the document will result in the rejection of the apostille at your document review appointment. For the legalization of the signatures of the main registrars before the Saren, the user must pay a fee of 0.50 Petros ($ 28 or the official exchange in bolivars of the day) and 0.20 Petros ($ 11) for the legalization or verification of each signature. Legalizations of birth, marriage and/or death certificates, proof of celibacy, stable de facto connections cost 0.02 Petros ($1.13). For the registration of companies and associations of accounts, the amount payable is 0.50 Petros plus 0.20 Petros for each folio containing the document or promotion.

The personal signature inscription, in turn, costs 0.10 Petros plus 0.20 Petros for each additional folio. While the registration of powers, commercial factors, judgments or other official documents will have a value of one Petro plus 0.05 Petros per folio. • Acts (marriage, birth, death, integration, real estate). • The document must be collected by the same person who entered it, or otherwise present a single bank form (PUB). The amount to be paid for the award of contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate is a petro (56 USD). For the sale of vehicles is calculated as follows: The new Saren tariffs also apply to companies, including medium and small ones. Its implementation will be another obstacle to formalizing and updating procedures in a depressed economy that has lost 80% of its size over the past eight years. It points out that the administrative rules of the commercial registers exempt from fees the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their first stamping of books.

Companies spend 500 hours a year in the bureaucratic procedures of the Seniat In the four official administrative regulations, the Saren stresses that it is „necessary“ to update its fee payment mechanisms for the provision of services „in order to adapt to the current scenario“, because the tax unit „is outdated in relation to the dynamics of the economy“. As highlighted in the new law on registers and notaries, the unit of account to be used will be the Petro. • Legalization of the document of the authority of the competent jurisdiction (civil registry office, courts, commercial register, public register, notaries public and other state institutions).