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This undertaking is a disaster. They are good for talking to you on the phone in advance once you have made a claim. You immediately send a questionnaire about accidents. Once you send it back to them, in our experience, nothing happens for weeks. They don`t answer the phone or emails. Quite shocking. This is not what you would expect from a law firm. If DAS has accepted your claim, your legal fees will be paid. The DAS Act protects individuals and businesses from the effects of litigation through affordable, high-quality access to justice. Avoid the DAS law at all costs. Terrible service. Miscommunication from the patalegals you simply ignore until you threaten to complain!!!!. Horribly horribly horrible, I have never dealt with such rude individuals as their paralegals.

I would never use them again. They are paid by my insurance company – why they use them, I have no idea!!!! Your right to take legal action will not be affected by this complaint procedure Our large team of litigation experts will provide you with practical advice if you are involved in a personal or commercial dispute. Most UK insurance companies that take out legal expenses insurance resell a DAS policy. DAS wasted no time in finding the loophole in the coverage that they hoped would cover most of the business contingencies (my coverage was part of an insurance policy). I was just looking for some basic advice in a case that I can argue for myself – and I think I have a 97% chance of winning. To make a claim under this section, please call 0117 934 2111. You will be asked about your legal dispute and, if necessary, receive legal advice. If your dispute is to be treated as a claim under this section, you will receive a claim reference number. At this time, DAS cannot confirm that you are covered, but the information you provide will be passed on to the claims handling teams and you will be informed of what to do next. This company was tasked by my home insurance company to deal with a motorcycle accident injury. The paralegals` treatment was very poor, seemed more interested in devaluing my claim, even after arranging two independent specialists to investigate my injury. I always felt that they were not acting in my best interest.

Have complained directly to them but are not satisfied with their response, so DAS UK is the leading provider of legal expenses insurance in the UK market. The DAS Group is undergoing digital transformation and in this context, website architecture has been prioritized as an area that urgently needs to be revamped. In order to support the digital transformation, DAS had to rethink the legal expenses insurance website. With over 200 employees, we provide legal advice and support on a wide range of topics from labour matters to personal injury to commercial litigation. Choosing the right partners can be critical to the success of your business. We are a leading specialist in legal expenses insurance with tradition and we offer you and your clients our award-winning legal support. DAS Law is part of the DAS UK group of companies, which also includes DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company. For over 40 years, DAS UK Group has provided legal protection insurance to individuals, businesses, brokers and lawyers, providing access to justice to millions of clients across the UK and beyond. In short, if you have home insurance with legal protection insurance from DAS Law, as I did. Then you have categorically inferior legal protection insurance that could potentially cause you to lose a lot of money and rights.

Your insurance company`s decision to use this company was deliberate, strategic, mostly based on costs, and due to the fact that your claim is processed so slowly that you never want to claim it again later. Making a claim through the DAS law will inevitably worsen your legal situation, mental stability and peace of mind. They are extremely insensitive, unprofessional and indifferent. As a result, I cancelled my home insurance and moved on. I would humbly advise you to do the same. Clients choose DAS Law with confidence because of our legal expertise, the results we achieve and our simple advice. We understand the burdens and burdens you face when dealing with a legal issue. We are also aware that litigation is not always the solution. Whenever possible, we look for creative and practical solutions that are better suited to your needs. Our approach stems from our many years of working for private clients and companies of all sizes.

DAS Law`s friendly and approachable lawyers will guide you through the legal process to achieve the best possible result. Unfortunately, Das Law Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. Legal fees are available in the „Value Added“ section of all our policies. Coverage is as follows: As part of our review questionnaire, we ask evaluators questions about value for money that they have received from using ABC Law. These issues include: Labor disputes and compensation payments (including service occupancy) The cost of licensing such an extensive portfolio of websites, as well as, from a marketing perspective, the aggregation of research capital into a smaller number of properties led to a business case for migrating to a more efficient structure. Xperience`s open framework made it easy to quickly build an enterprise web presence. James Walker is a global leader in fluid sealing and bolting services. The positives were tasked with redesigning their website to deliver a customer-centric experience that allows James Walker to better meet the needs of his audience. If you prefer to report your request in writing, you can send it to the claims department at the following address: The assessor can select „Yes“ or „No“.

Very unprofessional, do not get in touch with their customers and leave them in the dark. Continue to give them the missing information about your claims. Avoid this practice at all costs We have put in place effective systems and we will maintain them to understand and monitor our impact on the local and global environment. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). In addition, as part of a broader group of companies primarily regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we leverage multi-regulatory group experience to inform our approach to customer service. It`s at the heart of everything we do. There are also 24-hour help and advice lines for commercial legal advice (for proposed labour disputes/layoffs, etc.), tax advice, business support and confidential advice not only for employees, but also for immediate family members who live with employees at all times. In addition, there is access to the DAS website with a comprehensive online user manual and additional documentation for managing the client`s business.