Dacotah Speedway Rules

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All participants agree, as a condition of participation in Dacotah Speedway, that any decision made by race officials or Dacotah Speedway track officials regarding the interpretation and application of the Rules will not be subject to appeal. All entrants further agree that they will not bring any legal action against Dacotah Speedway to challenge such decisions, seek financial damages, seek injunctive relief or other remedies. If a Participant brings such a lawsuit that violates this provision, the Participant expressly agrees to reimburse Dacotah Speedway for all of its attorneys` fees and expenses to defend against such legal action. Seat belt information in all classes at Dacotah Speedway. Legends (INEX)INEX supports (not necessarily) the belt manufacturer`s recommendation to change the belts two (2) years after the date printed on the SFI label, regardless of the number of times the car has been driven. Wissota (All Classes)Belts and harnesses must not be more than three (3) years old (per year per month). IMCA ModifiedAt least three inches (two inches with head restraint system) wide Approved by SFI, the required five-point seat belt mount must be securely mounted on the main roll cage. Recommended: Seat belts that are no more than two years old. IMCA Sport CompactsAt least three inches (two inches with head restraint system) wide, the required SFI-approved five-point seat belt mount must be securely mounted on the main seat cage. Recommended: Seat belts that are no more than two years old. Hobby StocksThe rule has now been updated to require that Hobby Stock class straps must be less than 3 years old.

Click here for hobby stock rules. Here`s also the link to the $59.99 seat belt: www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-5-Point-Harness-Seat-Belt-Combo-Latch-and-Link-Pull-Down,57559.htmlIl there are also a few other possibilities from SafeQuip, GForce, RJS and others at the $69 mark. The cars are checked for safety and general rules when entering the circuit. Cars must have a sprayed number on both sides of the towing vehicle. The following rules and/or regulations set forth herein are intended to ensure the smooth running of a trailer race at Dacotah Speedway in order to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules govern the state of events, and by participating in this event, it is assumed that all participants have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of security arises from the publication or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended to guide the conduct of the sport and do not constitute in any way a guarantee against the injury or death of participants, spectators or officials. Those responsible for the event are authorized to allow minor deviations from the specifications contained in this document or to impose other restrictions that they believe will not change the safety factor. Any interpretation or deviation from these Rules will be at the discretion of Dacotah Speedway officials and their decision will be final. Dacotah Speedway reserves the right to approve and/or reject all submissions. It is recommended to remove all material in the vehicle and the side window/door.

The windshield can stay inside. The windshield can be removed, but at least (5) 3/8 inch rods from the roof to the lining/dashboard must be welded to protect the driver from debris that may enter the vehicle. A mesh sieve or chain link fence is also required to cover the opening. The cyclist must wear a helmet, a full-face racing helmet is highly recommended with a neck support. When it is not necessary to use a full-face helmet or eye protection. The rider must also have long sleeves and full-length pants with closed shoes and heels NO SHORT-SLEEVED T-SHIRTS, NO SHORTS/CUTOFFâS, NO FLIP-FLOPS! Fire combination, FR suit or combination are highly recommended. Any car, minivan, pick-up, SUV or station wagon is allowed, the struts of the front bumper are allowed. To protect the driver, a kind of heavy struts (grader blade, steel plate) must be attached to the driver`s door. The 4-point roller cage with door bars is highly recommended. Trailers cannot have any type of locking hitch such as pintle hook, 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch are not allowed.

Only ball couplings or pin-shaped farm couplings. The driver must wear a helmet and a seat belt. The passenger is allowed to wear a seat belt and a helmet. Doors must be chained, welded or a combination of chains and welded closed. (Closed chained means at least one piece of chain around each door and door post. In the driver`s window, a window net or some kind of net or chain link is required. As much combustible material as possible should be removed from the inside of the car, it is highly recommended to move the battery to the rear seat or trunk in a battery case, the fuel tank is recommended to enter the trunk with a full firewall between the trunk and the driver`s compartment. The racing or boat tank is recommended.

If a passenger is travelling, the passenger side must have the same protective measures as the driver`s side of the vehicle. At least (1) 8-inch hole must be cut in the hood on the passenger side of the car for fire suppression. The bonnet must be capable of being removed or opened by security personnel. When building your car, ask if it`s safe, if you question it, don`t do it! If you have any questions or need clarification, contact Dacotah Speedway. Remove all materials lost on the outside of the vehicle, including headlights and taillights. The trailer must be at least 10 feet long between the coupling and the rear, the driver must monitor the lights and flags of the officers when the yellow lights come on and/or the yellow flags IMMEDIATELY SLOW DOWN AT IDLE.