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We are engaged in legal practice that deals with aging, illness, disability and estate distribution. We offer legal services to support people with different needs and areas of wealth to solve these problems, including: Seniors` housing is currently facing an end of the cycle where traditional offerings are less and less able to meet the needs and expectations of users. At the same time, socio-demographic particularities force us to think about new proposals to better respond to the well-being of a new generation of elderly people, a problem that is at the heart of the challenges of our society, which by 2040 will have 1/3 of French people aged 65 and over. We are therefore convinced that seniors` housing models must be reinvented and that these sociological changes must be supported by a strong social component. It is this challenge that we want to take up with the creation of Loki Ora, while „the human being“ is at the heart of the project The first podcast of 2020 is dedicated to LOKI-ORA. This association, which will celebrate its 2nd anniversary next February, offers seniors community housing in urban areas. Listen to this interview with Claire Legal-Glaymann, its president, and Anne-Laure Tougeron, its co-founder and treasurer. Loki Ora is an innovative response to the growing problem of welcoming a new generation of elderly people. To learn more, listen to our podcast produced in January 2020 by „Les Souvenirs partagés“, member of the collective „La Fabrique du bien-vieillir 44“. The Loki Ora project also draws its source from the heart of our personal problems that we face with our aging parents. Given their desire to age differently, the range of solutions was not convincing. These intimate situations led us to think about possible alternatives.

It is also a way for us to think now about our expectations of tomorrow for our own 3rd age. LOKI ORA means „living and living together“ in Maori.