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  • Beitrags-Kategorie:Allgemein I show Trip Advisor a copy of my bank account in Halifax. I won my case and I have the Supreme Court document showing my sentence plus interest!! CLA has my permission to share my phone number with any client who wants to ask me about my progress in the Spanish legal system. I am a qualified teacher and a practicing Christian. I have no reason to lie. I am delighted with this fantastic result and the end of the nightmare caused by the lies of a timeshare seller in 2008. Through hard work, CLA made the legal history of timeshare with my case. Fantastic!! The objective of the law firm is to reimburse the purchase price, legal costs and interest over a period of 1.5 to 2 years. At Nordic Consulting Canary Islands, we believe that service comes first. We are the most transparent legal advisors you will find and are not affiliated with active stations. We focus exclusively on independent legal advice and other services for the benefit of our clients. According to the Timeshare Consumer Association in the UK, Eugene Kaiser controls the Resort Club Puerto Atlántico in Gran Canaria and heads the Canarian Legal Alliance or „CLA“, a legal consultancy that excludes consumers from timeshare contracts and holiday clubs. to the CLA team, I want to thank Jake, the legal team and the other staff members of the Canarian Legal Alliance for all their help in the decision against Anfi del Mar when they tried to sell our timeshare contract.

That was the way it was. All I`m saying is that this Canarian alliance is obviously a pure scam, just like Silverpoint or any other timeshare company. Too much bad press about them, to be honest. Business address: Calle Graciliano Afonso 18, 35120, Arguineguin, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria — Calle Angel Guimera 14B, Arguineguin, Mogan, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria — C/ Boulevard Local 1, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain — C/ Fundadores Cooperativa 70, oficina 6, 38639 Las Chafiras, Tenerife — Centro Comercial Apolo, Local nº 47C, Hermano Pedro Bethencourt, 2 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife — Phone number: 02035 883960 (UK) 0034 928 185 028 (Spain) Email address: your legal department aims to help clients around the world recover funds invested in „timeshare“ holiday products under false and often illegal pretexts. „Who it affects. My name is Joan, and this is my testimony, my husband and I went to Tenerife and participated in a lawsuit initiated by the Canarian Legal Alliance to try to get our money back from Resort Properties (which is now called . The initial vision was to create a trusted legal brand known for its commitment to guests and to hold multi-million dollar hotel and real estate investment companies accountable Far from being independent, these companies are all connected and controlled by the same person. In fact, Mr. Kaiser himself is a former timeshare sales manager for „Anfi Del Mar“ – the very complex he now challenges with his legal business. It is reported that one of Mr. Kaiser`s ambitions is to claim control of this station for himself.

We invite you to read the testimonies of some of the hundreds of families we currently represent. On this site you will find reliable news from the industry and will be able to convince yourself of court decisions for the cases we have won. In your second post, you claim Jack Lyon (Jack Lynn?) „is obviously hired by Silverpoint,“ which you probably can`t prove. And you show too much interest in defending them, so you have to be part of the system. I`m just curious to know why you joined TA as this is the only post you posted on the forum. Is this the only way you have found to justify your involvement in this scam? What is Silverpoint? I`m just someone who hates scams! This is the perfect opportunity for a lawyer or law firm who wants to acquire a reputable and reputable litigation services firm that they can continue to benefit from for years to come. Please, it`s TripAdvisor, don`t keep polluting this forum with your bad propaganda and stop taking honest people on a trip! As recently as August 2019, there are reports that customers are being scammed and scammed by Mr. Kaiser. El Digital De Canarias reports that „there are hundreds of tourists who feel deceived and scammed when they buy a holiday product made by companies associated with this entrepreneur. The reality is that we are dealing with a supposedly organized gang that deceives hundreds of tourists who have visited the island of Gran Canaria for more than thirteen years by marketing a long-term holiday product that, according to many of these victims, turned out to be a total deception. At the same time, Eugen Kaiser uses the blog „Inside Timeshare“ to give his business a touch of credibility by promoting his company, the „Canarian Legal Alliance“, while unfairly and shamelessly slandering serious competitors.

The Mindtimeshare Association, a Spanish watchdog, became aware of the group along with Kaiser and Beatson after receiving more than 60 complaints. She contacted the police who launched „Operation Voyager,“ which led to more than 50 arrests in 2013. The scam was described as a „£4.3 million timeshare scam targeting thousands of tourists“. Tripadvisor employees removed this post because it did not comply with Tripadvisor`s guidelines for forum posts that prohibit self-promotion or self-promotion. Obviously no credibility, since the IP address used. in Spain !! The two points you raise undermine your credibility – aside from the fact that when someone makes their first contribution to a strong defense of an organization that has bad press, it just doesn`t sound convincing. Their defense to this – „I just joined TA because I just received the last of my silverpoint refunds“ seems pretty hollow.