California Legal Lower Receivers

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Serial numbers are NOT required in some states. (This engraving service is not used to record „offensive weapons.“ California „assault weapons“ must be engraved with a serial number provided by the CA DOJ. Please note our „Assault Weapons“ engraving services if you have a lower machine built before 01/01/17 that you want to register as a Californian „assault weapon“. No. AC compliance has more to do with accessories or features that, depending on the configuration, would make you illegal in terms of fully assembled AR. We now offer you the option to order your 80% lower recipient with a custom serial number. Our engraving fee is $29.99 per lower recipient, plus the regular cost of the lower recipient of 80%. At this time, there is a delay of 1 week for the processing of engravings. * Whether your Lower is legal and/or cannot remain registered in California depends on how the CA DOJ interprets the law and whether you use it to build a rifle that meets the California definition of an „assault weapon.“ We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or warrant that our reasonable interpretation of California law will be consistent with that of the CA DOJ.

We recommend that you either consult a lawyer to give you professional legal advice, or read the relevant laws yourself and draw your own conclusions. The information on our website is only intended to provide informal useful advice and should not be used as legal advice. Ultimately, no one other than the HQ Department of Justice can predict how it will interpret or apply existing legislation. Please verify that the information you provide to us is correct before submitting your order. Custom serialized recipients with 80% lower recipients cannot be returned, and orders cannot be canceled once burning has begun. Budsgunshop has a section of doj-approved sinks, but I don`t see an official Doj website with a list. I`m mainly interested in Aero Percision step-downs, but I want to understand if all lightweight coasters are legal or if they need to be specific. AR without function. This type of construction means that you can change your magazine normally and use mags with a capacity greater than 10 (if you have purchased them legally in the past or if the ban is lifted), but you must have a fixed stock and can not use an ordinary pistol grip, a vertical front handle or a lightning concealment device. I build my first AR, without functionality and using a lightweight Aero Precision m4E1 Buckle. A fixed store where you use one of the many devices on the market to „lock“ your magazine in place, and can only be replaced/recharged by interrupting the action and separating the top from the bottom.

This setup allows you to use all the usual features/accessories, but you`re also limited to 10e mags, even if the CA High Capacity Magazine ban is lifted. Our lifetime warranty covers the recipient against manufacturing defects. All CA Legal AR 15 lower 80% are engraved with capital letters. Please check if you have no typographical errors. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Damage – AR-15 Lower Receiver Completed with Adjustable M4 Stock and Hellfighter California Compliant Magazine Lock Installed We use a powerful laser to accurately engrave text to a depth of more than 0.003 inches, as required by the ATF specification for serial number identification and California law. To meet the ATF serial number requirements, the following information must be displayed: If it is deleted, you can still purchase it in CA, at least for now Disclaimer: Copyright and inappropriate content will unfortunately be cancelled and refunded. If you have any questions about engraving, please contact our customer service team ( or via the chat box in the right corner Shipping Restrictions: This item is limited for shipping to New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Maryland, Illinois, California, Washington, Boulder Colorado and Denver Colorado.