Bronze Requirements

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Although these are requirements, some gymnasts compete at the Xcel Bronze level without being able to perform all the skills listed below. For which the gymnasts do not answer, the judges draw deductions. Hello! I am also 12 years old and I have been training for about 5 months, I do not progress very quickly, but I really want to compete! I know I`m twice my age as regular xcel bronze girls, but I need advice to progress faster, I`m 12 years old and I just switched to silver! I was in bronze for a few months, I just turned 12. My bronze tip is easy to work hard and you`ll go to silver! No deduction will be made for additional Xcel bronze towers. The gymnast will not make any turns on the high pole, so this principle does not apply there. But this applies to additional castings. A bronze gymnast can „pump“ her legs or make small throws between abilities as much as she wants without getting an additional swing deduction of 0.30. These extra throws can still get rhythm and execution deductions, but they don`t get an extra swing deduction. I`m ten years old and I go to the gym.

Once I went to a gymnastics class for 1 month, but I stopped because it was too easy. When I go to the gym, some coaches have told me to try My hand at Excel. I wanted to know if I`m too old to get Excel bronze, should I try silver? I was wondering if a bronze gymnast can use handles in meetings? Thank you You may or may not be at the same level. I guess you`d go to a lower level and they`d teach you the things you`ve forgotten, and then, once you have the skills, you could go back to bronze. Is the xcel Bronze Level program a lower level of the Olympics? And can you still rise to the elite? Is this a competitive team hoping to move to a more competitive level? Are you just trying to measure where that level is going? Would the Olympic team be of a more competitive level? Now you know the requirements of the Xcel Bronze division. More detailed information about the individual events can be found in the following articles: I will be 13 years old this summer, but I will try my hand at Excel bronze in May, is there an age limit to participate in competitions? I`m about to turn 16 and I`m about to become bronze. It really depends on the gym you`re in, but it doesn`t matter how old you are for each level. Similar to the Level 4 Olympic program, athletes must meet all skill requirements to participate in Xcel Gold. Athletes must achieve at least 31 AA to reach platinum, or an event score of 8.0 to be an individual event specialist.

Isn`t it like a world record???? I`m ten years old and I`m and bronze, but I can literally only do three similar to the 1-2 Olympics program. Athletes can compete in Xcel Bronze without meeting all qualification requirements, but will receive deductions due to lack of skills. The Xcel Bronze gymnastics level is the first level of the Xcel program. To participate in gymnastics in the Xcel Bronze Division, the gymnast must be able to perform routines that meet these requirements as specified in the Xcel Points Code. These requirements are paraphrased for ease of understanding; For accurate information, we always refer to the official book published by USA Gymnastics. I am twelve years old, I can do all the bronze skills if I can do the most silver skills, but back handspring I will be, I am still in Xcel bronze pr silver I am in bronze Xcel and I do not have my spring of backhand, but I am a little afraid to go back, but I can do a bak walkover, do you have any tips or tricks for me? Each department has its own skills and difficulty requirements. There are 4 special requirements for each event, with the exception of the safe. The requirements must be met by the skills in the Xcel code of the points or the corresponding skill table of the division. Let`s take a look at these requirements in the Bronze division. I am 16 years old and I want to do gymnastics but I feel too old to start in an Xcel Bronze team, the only 2 skills I have are my real good split leg and a backbench similar to the Level 3 Olympic program. Is it possible to disassemble an xcel bronze side support? Do you need a rear spring to be made of XCEL bronze? Thank you:) Thank you for not being the oldest, but I am almost the tallest and I am bronze These Xcel level requirements have been updated with the new 2018-2022 changes or has it not affected the requirements? An example of a routine that meets all the requirements would be: Jump to the front bracket – Cast – Rear hip circle – Disassembly of the support.

I`m in Xcel Bronze I`m 10 years old I`m on the team called Firebronze My daughter is in front of Xcel she needs a back spring for Xcel Bronze You should never raise the hopes of someone like that I`m 11 years old and I just started the Excel Bronze program last summer, so if her coaches think, that it is ready At home, there is Xcel purple, gold and platinum. Does this mean that Xcel is made of purple bronze? And what is an „A“ value skill? Just like the rods, a bronze beam Xcel routine 4 has special requirements. The requirements must be met by the A skills of the Xcel point code or by the skills of the Xcel Bronze table. My daughter is 12 years old. She was a cheerleader at school. I went to gymnastics summer camp and got a place in the Excel program. My question, is it too old for the yo-gymnastics level So I`m 11 years old and I`ve been doing gymnastics for a few years, but lately I haven`t left for some reason!! But I`ll go back on August 1st, I`ll still be in the AAU Bronze team, they`ll teach me the things I got for, how to do that if I`m for it, how I do my backwalk (the team I was in before I left). In addition to the connected Acro pass described in the first special requirement, Xcel Bronze gymnasts need a second pass with at least one Acro skill. The unique Acro capability can be a roll forward or backward, a cart wheel, a rounding, a bridge kick or a partial handle. For a partial handstand to count at the bronze level Xcel, gymnasts must close both legs at least 45º above the horizontal. Download the Xcel Bronze maps for the vault, bars, beams and floor.

The most common circular ability in Xcel Bronze is a rear hip circle, although other skills include a front hip circle, a walking/grinding circle (front or back), and a one-legged basket swing. Keep in mind that the basket swing does not meet the requirement of the 360º circuit. If a running vault that is not allowed for division, it receives a 0 (Void Vault). I`m in Excel gold and I don`t know where it`s going. I don`t think you need them, but you can wear them if you want, there are two vault options allowed for Xcel Bronze. The gymnast can perform two of the same jumps or one of each jump. The coach and gymnast can make this decision, and they can ask for the score of the first jump before deciding which jump to do for the second jump. This basically means that you need at least 4 skills on the bar (like a pull back hip circle milling circle and disassembly). BARS: at least 4 skills of value „A“, throw with hips level at the bar, a circle ability (not in mounting or disassembly), a disassembly We call the first jump, Jump and Kick to Handstand, Fall to Flatback, and it has a starting value of 9.0. The Jump and Kick to Handstand is worth 4.5 points, as is the Fall to Flatback, which gives the entire safe its starting value of 9.0. BEAM: at least 360 * turn on one foot, jump or jump (>90 *), dance series with 2 abilities, two acro abilities (one must reach vertically), a descent Definitely not I am in Excel and I do not have my backhand spring part 1-A is a jump straight to a pile of mats of 16 „-48“ high.

Is there a deduction if your skills are „too difficult“ for your level? And what would be considered „too difficult“? When I won bronze, I made a RO BHS Tumbling Pass and a Cartwheel Swing per front roller by hand (basically a trolley wheel and an HS front coil connected). It says you should have a pass with 2 Acro abilities associated, and then another isolated Acro capability. I had 2 passes with 2 connected skills. Would it be a deduction (and if so, how much?) Thank you for any help/advice.