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„All the tourists who come back from Cuba offer me fake cigars, showing me this box they bought on the beach from a foreigner,“ says Mitchell Orchant, managing director of London-based C.Gars Ltd., The leading British cigar specialist in Havana and Havana`s leading cigar auctioneer. „Then I give them a reality check and tell them that not only did they pay for their vacation, but they also wasted a hundred pesos on something that is a fake. I also see a lot of fakes all over the Caribbean – glass boxes with cohibas and the like. (It should be noted that authentic Cuban cohibas are not available in glass or plexiglass boxes.) Cigar Aficionado wants to make the choice a little easier for you. In 2019, we evaluated dozens of Cuban cigars and, based on the results of our blind tastings, we selected the top 10. All Tscharren on the list scored between 92 and 94 points. Almost all cigars are now available in markets from Havana to London or in some countries like Mexico, as cigars are regional editions. We also give you the top 10 of 2018 as well as some cigars from our top 25 tasting in 2018. We will not quote the prices here as they vary greatly from market to market depending on local taxes. According to the respected London impresario Edward Sahakian and his son Eddie, the owners of Davidoff London on New Bond Street, and the consultants for the Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop and the sampling room of the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, cigars like the Fuente OpusX, the Davidoff Nicaragua and El Septimo – a Costa Rican puro made from vintage tobaccos – are just a few, that offer viable alternatives for many Cuban cigars. In 2016, cigar smokers in the United States breathed a sigh of relief — some may even have let out an exuberant cry of joy — when the Obama administration announced that U.S. citizens could now legally import Cuban cigars into the country as long as it was for their personal use rather than for resale. This was and still is the decisive warning.

After all, it may seem a little suspicious to go through customs and pack 20 boxes of Bolivar Belicosos Finos. But two or three boxes? No problem. (Although you have to pay taxes on anything over 100 cigars — about four boxes — or if those stogies are worth more than $800 in retail value, insist on getting receipts for everything you buy.) But that means we have the pack of three Montecristo No. 2 no longer need to hide in our laundry bag and try not to sweat profusely when our luggage falls off the luggage carousel. Cuban cigars are arguably the best cigars in the world. This applies not only to us, but especially to the entire industry. On our website you will find a careful selection of the best Cuban cigars, which will be offered to you at the most competitive prices and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The 10 best cigars of 2018 are interesting, but there are three, including one from the top 25 of the year, that stand out: the H. Upmann Sir Winston (94 points), a classic Churchill with 7 par 47.

It is one of the most elegant large cigars in the Cuban cigar universe. It`s a medium-sized smoke that offers lots of sweet, creamy and coffee flavors and is one of our favorites. There are two sizes Hoyo de Monterrey in the 2019 list. Epicurus No. 2, a sturdy size, almost 5 by 50, scored 92 points. Aside from the Hoyo Double Corona, it`s probably the best-known and one of the most consistent sizes in the Hoyo range. Mainly known as a brand of soft to medium strength, Epicurus showed a lot of flavor with floral and hazelnut elements, leather and roasted almonds on the middle palate and a pleasantly sweet finish. The other Hoyo in the 2019 range is the Río Seco, which is part of the new extensions of the Le Hoyo line.

The Río Seco is fuller-bodied than normal Hoyo cigars and at 5 1/2 times 56 it is also one of the thickest sizes in the entire Habanos range. He scored 94 points and the intricate smoke was filled with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and wood, resulting in a rich caramel finish. One of the main reasons why Cuban cigars are so famous and, in our opinion, the best cigars in the world is due to what the French would call the „terroir“. It is the unique combination of environmental factors specific to a particular area. For example: soil, weather and agronomic practices. In Cuba, the way cigars are made and tobacco grown has not changed in 300 years. The world of cigars sometimes surprises you. And what a surprise that 2017 brought to everyone. The Partagas Series No.

1 EL 2017 is one of those cigars that have remained under the radar and have been underestimated for all the madness of the Cohiba Behike and all the other special versions. True collectors, however, knew exactly what they were trying. „Davidoff is the Mercedes-Benz of cigars,“ rogers says. This means high quality – at a high price. Like the rest of the Aniversario range, only the highest quality sheet is part of the Short Perfecto. But this smaller cigar won`t break the bank, and it`s a great example of a sweet cigar that`s still rich and complex. With just under five inches and a ring thickness of 52 millimeters, this cigar is perfect for a short car ride or a walk around the block. The fact is that the Cohiba Siglo VI is one of the best cigars in Cuba. It has several entries on the list of the top 25 cigar aficionados and it doesn`t happen randomly or randomly.

A cigar really has to deliver to be on such a list. When the Siglo VI was launched, it ushered in a new era for the brand. The aromas of Cedros De Luxe are on the middle side with a hint of flowers and a little fruitiness. You can also find some hints of vanilla when you light up to make the cigar a little sweet, and gradually develop into the earthy character characteristic of high-end Cuban tobacco. The Cedros De Luxe is an exclusive cigar from the La Casa del Habano franchise and comes in a box of 10 cigars with a size of 5.60 „x50“. No one wants to hear that they are getting older. But in the world of cigar making, age has recently taken on a new dynamic – and much more positive. Now we want our cigars and the tobaccos from which they are made to have some time in the back. Now, many will claim that it is not only the seeds that produce this classic smooth and silky Cuban smoke profile, but the ideal climate of Cuba and especially its soil. And while there`s some truth to this idea, it certainly doesn`t mean that tobacco grown and rolled in places like Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic isn`t worth writing at home. So, without further ado, and because sometimes the best way to play it safe here (legally, of course), we present you a handful of authentic non-Cuban cigars that stand up powerfully by themselves. Which brings us to limited editions that naturally contain ultra-aged tobaccos.

Five of our nine Best of the Best selections this year are limited edition productions, which is not surprising given that the FDA will now require marketing authorization for all brands that did not exist before February 15, 2007. Due to this new regulation, it is possible that limited editions no longer exist in a real sense, as most are intended for the American market. (The exceptions are Cuban cigars, as Cuban manufacturers have their own lines of limited editions for the rest of the world.) „Let the smoke from the tip of your tongue enter your palace from front to back and from side to side,“ Rogers says. „You don`t want to move all the smoke too quickly. Just gently exhale the smoke. Obviously, you don`t inhale cigars. It`s just for the taste. So think about how this taste meets your language.

Start with the basics. Is it salty? Sweet? Bitter? Sour? These are basics. We all tend to agree on these things. „The best way to do this is to lightly press the ashtray and roll the cigar to let the ash fall,“ Rogers says. „The real reason you do it is to control the temperature of the cherry, the lit part. You want to keep it well lit but fresh. There is a perfect ratio. If you don`t smoke your cigar fast enough because there are no additives in a cigar, it will run out. The cherry becomes too fresh. However, if you start breathing on it and the cherry becomes really shiny, it becomes bitter and spicy, and you don`t want that.