Are Warranty Void Stickers Legal in the Us

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Warranty agreements exist largely to give manufacturers a monopoly on repairing their goods. And their alarmism works: when I talk to people – at repair events, on our website, in the comments of our Youtube videos – their biggest fear of trying a repair for the first time is that they are afraid of voiding their warranty. This fear has turned into a fear of fixing our affairs – and it is so deeply rooted in us that we have increasingly separated ourselves from our affairs. Asus jumped on the bandwagon #voidifremoved with its DRW-24B1ST-N28 optical drive. I was sad to see that my EK 280mm AIO had one of these stickers. I sent and contacted an email related to this article. We are helping the FTC scare these manufacturers by reopening our #VoidIfRemoved competition. When the FTC sent out its first set of letters in April, I stoked its fire by calling for a good old-fashioned witch hunt and asking netizens to post photos of illegal warranty stickers on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #VoidIfRemoved. We collected those bids and handed them over to the FTC – but apparently the fight has only just begun.

The only thing that is a bit difficult is something like a memory module. Some vendors (including iFixit) offer a warranty on something like a Samsung or Micron memory module. But it`s a seller`s warranty where the only thing that really proves it was sold by iFixit (or anyone) with that warranty is this sticker. I`ve noticed that iFixit doesn`t put any type of „invalid warranty if removed“ message on the sticker, but some competitors do. OWC stickers say „warranty void when S/N is removed“. However, memory modules aren`t really something where a repair makes a lot of sense, especially with a lifetime warranty. The whole thing would be replaced by an equivalent module. I`m not a lawyer, I`m just an FYI. If a company refuses to comply with the warranty, the only way to get it is to sue it. Almost no one will, so they can get away with ignoring the law about it.

Remember the scene in The Big Bang Theory where the gang wants to upgrade the hard drive of their DVR but Sheldon hesitates because the warranty expires? I hate to say it (actually, I`d like to say it), but it`s completely malarkey. Most consumers don`t realize that these stickers are actually illegal – and that`s because manufacturers don`t want that. Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, the federal government ordered that you can open your electronic devices without the warranty expiring, regardless of the language of your warranty. This makes illegal all this inconsistent (albeit clever) language used by the 50 manufacturers surveyed by the US PIRG. The SATA drive does not turn on. #shortcircuit #cap #capacitor #warranty #voidifremoved @ifixit #emolevy #syväkorjaus Do not turn it on; „Invalid“ first the guarantee! #VoidIfRemoved So if you want to make the mod of the washing machine on your 5700 XT, apply a better quality thermal compound, disconnect the LEDs from certain components, if you don`t like lighting, or really something like that, don`t let the fear of voiding a warranty stop you. The FTC has urged the six companies to review their warranty notices and ensure that they do not indicate or imply that warranty coverage depends on the use of certain parts of the services. It will then check the companies` websites after 30 days and warn the recipients of the letters that „failure to correct any violations may result in prosecution.“ But right now, we still have to deal with these stickers on newer and older devices. Last year, we launched a few campaigns asking our community of fixers to take pictures of these warranty stickers on their own devices. And oh boy, there were more stickers than a middle schooler`s trapper. From now until the eve of All Saints` Day, I`m asking everyone (again) to post „no guarantee if stickers are removed“ photos with the hashtag #VoidIfRemoved – so we can easily find them and send them to the FTC.

In addition to your photo, please let us know in which device you found the sticker so that we can categorize our entries by manufacturer. In exchange for your photos, I will distribute some treats – in the form of iFixit toolkits – to the best-dressed appetizers. Enter as many times as you want. The more entries, the better. And in the meantime, don`t be afraid the next time you see one of these stickers: Know that if you take off, the law will strengthen your back. As a handyman/electrical engineer, I often read these labels as „invalid warranty if not removed“ 😉 But thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act, the FTC is now saying it`s not acceptable. The law states that companies must comply with the warranties, unless they offer spare parts free of charge or have received a special exemption. A sticker that invalidates a warranty is therefore illegal. If I had a nickel for every time I came across a „Warranty will expire if it`s removed“ sticker, I could easily buy the latest iPhone.

Manufacturers have been cumbersome with warranty stickers on all of our products including: Xbox, PSP Go, Asus laptops, and even NVidia graphics cards. And I would bet my nickels that at some point you also came across a few warranty stickers. Oh, you`ve seen them before: those little stickers or labels that make it clear that if you want your warranty to remain valid on a product, you`d better leave one or more of its parts intact. The idea, of course, is that consumers are prevented from using third-party parts and repair services for the product if they want to stick to that warranty. Those stickers on gadgets that say you`ll void your warranty if they`re removed? You probably expected this when you buy a new device. However, the FTC has just clarified that these warranty notices are illegal when it sent warning letters to six companies that market and sell cars, mobile devices and video game consoles in the United States. There was no mention of automakers and the tech companies they are, but since the list includes companies that make video game consoles, Sony and Microsoft could be two of them. Companies contacted have 30 days to review promotional and warranty materials and „review their practices to comply with the law.“ Then the FTC strikes with „law enforcement.“ Huh. Samsung Note 2 LCD and battery replacement.

This is the first time this smartphone is turned off for repair and the sticker #voidifremoved is still there. @faizfonministry #ifixit #rememberthename #legends Well, guess what, it`s illegal. A manufacturer can`t stop you from making or modifying something you legitimately own. I know the contest #VoidIfRemoved is over, but I`ve somehow invalidated the guarantees for fun, so I might as well start freeing them. It is a titanium msi GT73VR-7RE „laptop“ and a brittle bugger to scratch later. „The wording on the site was part of a consumer awareness campaign to inform Hyundai vehicle owners of their rights after a collision to ensure their vehicle is returned to its pre-collision condition,“ the spokesman said in a statement emailed to NPR on Thursday. „This language does not appear in Hyundai`s written warranty terms or elsewhere on“ I`ve mentioned this in other comments, but it gets a little tricky with warranty stickers on products that are resold, and the warranty is provided by the seller rather than the manufacturer. So when I buy a Samsung or Nanya memory module sold by iFixit or OWC, the sticker is meant to show who the seller was and who gave the warranty. In addition, they often produce a lot of it for all types of customers, including OEMs, resellers, and internal customers. When Apple receives or sells a memory module, it somehow comes with Apple`s warranty, even without any way to identify it as a part sold directly or indirectly by Apple (I think a receipt is proof of this). If it is sold by iFixit, the sticker is supposed to be proof of this.

And sometimes these companies sell modules to the public, where they add a warranty sticker to indicate that it is a retail module. „Provisions that tie warranty coverage to the use of certain products or services hurt both consumers who pay more for it and small businesses that offer competing products and services,“ said Thomas B. Pahl, acting director of the FTC`s Consumer Protection Bureau. said in a statement on Tuesday. #voidifremoved As you can see, Acer Aspire V3 It was not bought by us, but I wanted to shame them for sticking stickers on their products in other countries. If you`re not familiar with these stickers, they`re adhesive labels that many companies add to game consoles, phones, and even cars. They are placed on a gasket or screw that a potential repairer should open to access and repair the product cases. Thus, any attempt to repair the product would be exposed by a torn label. We are sure that there are more companies that stick these stickers on their products. So if you have a device in your home — or if you see one in the wild — that uses a sticker that voids the warranty, let us know by tagging us (@iFixit) on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #voidifremoved. In addition, hearings are scheduled for the coming weeks in California and Oregon, and we expect a vote on the Minnesota bill.

Call your legislator and tell him that you support the right to reparation! The Commission has now asked the six companies to take a closer look at their advertising and guarantee material and to ensure that they do not indicate or imply that a guarantee is only granted when certain parts of the services are used. In addition, the Watchdog Group has encouraged companies to review their practices to comply with the law.