Are Fish Spas Legal in Florida

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Freshwater fish must not be caught with free and unlocked equipment or by taking fish or wild animals with firearms, explosives, electricity, spears, poison or other chemicals. It is forbidden to catch fish while swimming or diving underwater. It is illegal to sell, offer for sale or transport wild freshwater fish out of the state unless the FWC has expressly authorized it, except that authorized fishermen are allowed to transport legally caught wild fish for two days. Spear phishing is defined as „the capture or capture of a fish by bow fishing, gigging, spearfishing or any other device used to catch a fish by piercing its body. Spear phishing does not involve catching or capturing a fish using a hook with hook and line equipment or by capture (snatch phishing). It is illegal to possess freshwater fish with fishing gear that cannot be legally used to catch freshwater fish, including the types of gear listed above and below to catch non-wild fish or bait.* An exception is that wild fish can be possessed with casting nets with a stretched mesh size not exceeding 1 inch; Minnow diving nets not exceeding 4 feet in diameter; Minnow calves with a stretched mesh of not more than 1 inch, a length of not more than 20 feet and a depth of not more than 4 feet; and Minnow catches no more than 24 inches in length and 12 inches in diameter, with a funnel inlet not exceeding 1 inch apart. Wild fish can only be caught with a rod and a line or a rod and a reel. There is no limit to the number of stems a fisherman is allowed to use. Game Fish – Black Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Red Moonfish, Warmouth, Red-breasted Moonfish, Spotted Moonfish, Flyer, Mud Moonfish, Long-eared Moonfish, Shadow Perch, Peacock Perch, Whitefish, Striped Sea bass and Sunfish. Underwater fishing is defined as „the capture or capture of a fish by the instruments of a spear or spear with one hand or a mechanical line, at one or more points, barbed wire or without a beard, operated by a person swimming on or under the surface of the water“. The Florida Board of Cosmetology banned the procedure even before it was known to have been offered anywhere in the state. The board said the salons inquired about its legality and decided to make the decision before it became a problem.

The pools at the spa were filled with fish. Customers put their feet in the water and tiny carp gnawed at the dead skin of their feet. Customers say their feet were very smooth afterwards. SARASOTA COUNTY, FLORIDA – A popular way to get a pedicure is now banned in the state of Florida. The ladies signed up for the fish pedicure, but now the Cosmetology Council has put an end to this. Texas, Washington, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have also banned the practice. A spokeswoman for the Florida Board of Directors said there were concerns because there was no way to disinfect a fish pool between uses. *NOTE: The statutory provisions of paragraph 790.025(3)(h), F.S.) state that individuals are permitted to legally possess, possess and use firearms and other weapons, ammunition and supplies for lawful purposes when they are fishing, camping or hunting legally or continuing or returning from a legal fishing, camping or hunting expedition. While firearms cannot be used to catch fish, they may be in the possession of a person with legally caught fish.

A fashionable pedicure that allows fish to nibble on dead skin from their feet has been nipped in the bud by Florida regulators. Florida has made fish pedicure illegal in the state, in which customers put their feet in a bathtub of small carp that then pick up the calloused areas of customers` feet. At its January 2009 meeting, the Florida Board of Cosmetology, housed in the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, noted that fish pedicure is not allowed because pedicure violates two previously applicable rules, one that prohibits animals or pets (with the exception of animals trained to help the hearing impaired, the visually impaired or physically handicapped), in salons and another that sets the standards for the hygiene requirements of the pedicure. If there are salons that perform a fish pedicure, the salon and the beautician can receive quotes and fines. Trans Sarasota County Salon was the first in the state to offer the fish pedicure, but the owner says these tiny carp have been around for centuries. They were used in ancient Asia to cure psoriasis. Black bass, striped bass and white bass or their hybrids, peacock perch or crappie and panfish (for crappie and panfish only in waters where minimum slit length or size restrictions apply to these fish) must not be threaded or their head or caudal fin removed until they have finished fishing for the day. At AJ, the owner said he made 200 fish pedicures a week. People paid $35 to let the fish eat from their feet.

„It helped my business, especially during the recession, it really helped. But the law is the law. We can`t break a law, so we close it,“ says Johnny Tran of AJ`s Salon and Spa. The treatment is popular in Asia and has spread to some American cities. A customer puts their feet, hands or other body parts in a bowl or pool, and the little fish combs on soft, decaying skin. It`s Gina Dallo`s day off, and there`s only one reason she came to AJ`s salon and spa – to get a fish pedicure. „It looked like something unusual and strange, and that`s my day off, and I thought I`d give it a try. but no more. Non-wild fish – all freshwater fish are defined as non-wild fish, with the exception of grass carp and fish defined as wild freshwater fish. Note: Alligators require a science collector`s license.

Spas looking to add a unique treatment option to their menu may need to think again when considering the „fish pedicure.“ You are NOT allowed to harpoon fishing (excluding bow hunting and gigging) as described below: Fishermen who catch and/or sell harpoon-caught fish are subject to the same rules and restrictions that other fishermen in the state must follow. Now the fish are sent back to the supplier and the custom tanks are empty. And the owner of AJ`s says he just needs to look for another way to grab customers` attention. State regulators say salons must stop pedicureing immediately. Inspectors will look for offenders. They say they don`t believe there were any health risks with fish pedicures, but they banned just to be sure. Prohibited equipment for the removal of marine animals in fresh water The use of electric heads, sticks and recyclers remains prohibited. The following is a list of species whose harvesting is prohibited by spears. All other non-listed species managed by the Commission and those not managed by the Commission may be harvested by spears. But last month, the Florida Board of Cosmetology banned pedicure. „The main problem is the obligation to clean utensils between customers, and it`s not something they think can be done using a live animal.“ In addition, there is a state rule that prohibits animals or pets in beauty salons. Note: Last year, Spavelous Spavelous warned spa owners not to invest in expensive equipment before checking with the state for their regulations.

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