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An archipelagic state is an island state that consists of an archipelago. The designation is legally defined by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). In various conferences[1], the Bahamas, Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines are the five original sovereign states that received the approval of UNCLOS, signed on December 10, 1982 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and qualified as states of the archipelago. [2] Encyclopedia article on the archipelago The Greeks called it the Pelagos of the Aegean Sea and the Italians called it Arcipelago (meaning „main sea“), but English speakers now call it the Aegean Sea. Many islands characterize its vastness, and 16th century English speakers adopted a modified form of their Italian name for each sea with a similar dispersion of islands. Over time, the archipelago referred to the archipelagos themselves, and now it is often used in a figurative sense, such as in „an archipelago of high-rise buildings“. Nglish: Translation of the archipelago for Spanish speakers This unparalleled experience in working in various legal environments, whether conducting a negotiation or conducting a transnational dispute, in English, Modern Greek or Spanish, is the basis for the extension of „Archipelago`s“ professional services to work as a lawyer in real estate transactions, whether in purchase or sale projects. This service initially refers to real estate in Greece, but is launched in other countries based on customer demand. The approval by the United Nations (UN) of the five sovereign states as archipelagic states[4] respects existing agreements with other countries and recognizes the traditional fishing rights and other legitimate activities of neighbouring countries immediately adjacent in certain areas that fall into the waters of the archipelago. The conditions for the exercise of these rights and activities, including the nature, scope and areas to which they apply, shall be governed by bilateral agreements between them at the request of one of the countries concerned. These rights may not be transferred or shared with third countries or their nationals.

[5] A set of islands (including parts of islands, interconnected waters and other natural features) that are so closely interconnected that they form an inherent geographical, economic and political entity or that have historically been considered as such. An example is the Galapagos Islands. On the other hand, an archipelagic State has been defined in the Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982) as a State comprising one or more archipelagos; It may also include other islands. An example of an archipelagic state is the Bahamas. „Archipelago“. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed September 30, 2022. Archipelago was born from an observation: today`s legal practice represents a journey on an ocean of instability where there may be few islands of security. Achieving a safe haven requires advanced technical and legal knowledge and expertise that can be applied to work successfully in various legal and procedural systems, including Civil Roman Law, Customary Law, Common Law, Local Law of French Polynesia and New Caledonia, Common Law and others.

These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „archipelago“. The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. The states of the archipelago consist of archipelagos that form a State as a single entity, with islands and waters within the baselines being considered inland waters. According to this concept („archipelago doctrine“), an archipelago is considered a single entity, so that the waters around, between and between the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their width and size, are part of the internal waters of the State and are subject to its exclusive sovereignty. The baselines must surround the main islands of the archipelago, and the ratio between the trapped water and the land must be „between 1:1 and 9:1“. [3] Archipelago of the Aegean Sea, from the Italian Arcipelago, literally, main sea, from arci- (from the Latin archi-) + Greek pelagos sea to more to plagal. Etienne Rosenthal has built up a clientele composed of associations, municipalities, individuals and companies. He has also been listed for many years on the list of lawyers recommended to their citizens by the UK and US embassies in France, as well as on the list of lawyers at the International Criminal Court in Haag. This is a list of the current states of the archipelago of the world. These 22 island States have sought to claim archipelago status by availing themselves of the provisions of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. [7] 1.

A group of islands in the same body of water, scattered far from each other. They are part of a landmass near them. 2. An e-commerce company of the New York Stock Exchange that goes from non-profit to profitable. Theme music by Joshua Stamper ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. The five official states of the original archipelago are in bold. Archipelago, this term of Greek origin, which has the same meaning in English, was chosen for the banner of the law firm Etienne Rosenthal, Advocate. Etienne passed the bar and was sworn in as a counsel in Paris in 1988. Today, his firm is registered with the Nantes Bar.

It operates in metropolitan France, in French overseas departments and territories, and abroad. She specializes primarily in class actions in serious incident and insurance matters, corporate and government liability, and litigation. The firm also addresses the criminal implications of these issues as part of its service packages available to its clients internationally. This service initially refers to real estate in Greece, but is launched in other countries based on customer demand. Up to 20. In June 2015, a total of 22 sovereign states attempted to claim archipelago status. [6] Armed with a strong academic and practical knowledge of international law, combined with many years of experience in dealing with complex proceedings, Archipelago believes that the development of strategic decisions requires a comprehensive approach aimed at achieving sustainable results, while maintaining an openness to innovative thinking that offers flexibility in the application of this approach. Etienne Rosenthal is a lawyer who places professional rigor and commitment in his clients` cases alongside creative thinking and concise action. „Archipelago“ allows customers to benefit from this philosophy in an international environment. „Archipelago: A group of islands, comprising parts of islands, interconnected waters and other natural features so closely interconnected that such islands, waters and other natural features form an inherent geographical, economic and political entity or that have historically been considered as such“ (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of Montego Bay – Article 46) Through a well-developed and long-established network of professional colleagues – including lawyers – consultants and experts – in metropolitan France, in its territories and in several other countries, especially in Europe, „Archipelago“ is able to offer its customers a smooth and efficient service in many areas and in many jurisdictions. International law > law > international law > law of the sea > archipelagoeconomics > regions and regional policy > economic region > island region > archipelago.